Elf Belle Week 4

Our final week with Elf Belle was so much fun! The kids loved spending time with her this holiday season and I can’t wait to share what happened this last week.

Day 21: Reindeer Food

We are only days away from Santa’s big arrival so it’s the perfect time to make Magic Reindeer food for Santa’s reindeer to find you. This year we used a recipe I found on Pinterest with rolled oats and edible glitter. We made this after the kids got home from School on Thursday. This just added to all the excitement of this day. They had school Christmas parties and early release at noon. Such a blast! We saved the reindeer food in ZiplocĀ bags and left them on the counter to put out on Christmas Eve. I would normally make this Christmas Eve but we were going to be out of town the days before and needed to get it done.

Day 22: Safe Trip

This morning we were heading out of town for an early and quick Christmas trip with my family. Elf Belle left a message for the kids asking them to have a safe trip and that she would see them when they got back. I know some people take their Elf when they leave but I did not want to have another thing to pack.

Day 23: Elf Belle’s Prank

Elf Belle played a little prank on the kids. She wrapped all of their clothes in wrapping paper with a note saying, “Sorry I thought these were presents.” To get their clothes for the weekend, they had to unwrap them each day. I had a little label on each showing who’s clothes were who’s and an initial to say it was pajamas, clothes, underwear, socks, etc…

Day 24: Santa Preparation

Elf Belle left a reminder in my car for the kids reminding them that Santa comes tonight and to leave cookies and milk out for him. They couldn’t wait to get back home to leave everything out for him.

Day 25: A Christmas Goodbye

Christmas Eve, Elf Belle leaves with Santa. But before she leaves we ask Santa to lift the magic and allow the kids to hug her goodbye each year. Santa picks her up in his sleigh so her magic can be restored back at the North Pole when they return. The next morning on Christmas she leaves a message for the kids thanking them for their hospitality and telling them she will miss them all year long. They love receiving a note from her each year.

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