Elf Belle Week 3

Two weeks of Elf fun has occurred in our house. We love having Elf Belle join our home during the Christmas season. Each year when she arrives the kids get so excited about the activities to come. Bailey told me at the beginning of this season, that she cannot wait to see what Elf Belle does because she is so silly.

Day 14: Elf Pictures

This week started with some silly fun with Elf Belle putting Santa hats on some of the pictures in our living room. The kids were cracking up that she was so silly with the Santa hats. They ran around the house trying to find all of the pictures and see which ones had Santa hats. Her message today said “I wanted you to all look like me. He He”

Oh that silly Elf Belle.

Day 15: Elf Hammock

This one was a little trickier for me to pull off. For this fun activity, I made an Elf hammock for the Christmas tree. I took a little extra fabric I had, added some elastic to the ends and hooked it on the Christmas tree. I laid Elf Belle into the hammock and had a note about loving the Christmas lights and wanting to relax and enjoy it. The girls thought it was so funny that she had her own hammock.

Day 16: Christmas Movie Night

Elf Belle always brings the tradition of watching a Christmas movie together. Today Elf Belle arrived with a Christmas DVD and a package of popcorn. She requested that we watch a movie together as a family.

Day 17: Elf Sleepover

This was a fun addition to our elf fun. Elf Belle didn’t appear until later in the day when she planned a sleepover with barbies. She had some of my fuzzy socks to use as sleeping bags and a few barbies from the girls collection. This triggered wanting to have a sleepover too, which unfortunately for them it was a school night. They thought it was fun to have Elf Belle want a sleeping bag.

Day 18: Elf Kisses

Another new moment, Elf Belle arrived with a Kissing booth today. She had a note saying that she was sharing her love and that they should too. Surrounding her was a ton of Hershey kisses.

Day 19: Tic Tac Toe

Elf Belle brought her tic tac toe board and suggested another game night as a family. The kids were so excited to have another game night!


Day 20: Marshmallow Bath

Every year, Elf Belle arrives in a marshmallow bath with a note saying she wants to sit and relax today. The kids giggle with laughter as they see their elf relaxing in a bowl with marshmallows surrounding her.


Come back next week to find out Elf Belle’s final adventures for the 2017 season.

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