Elf Belle Week 2

Elf Belle is back and we just finished our second week with her spreading Christmas joy throughout our house. My kids look forward to Elf Belle’s return each year. It’s a fun time full of innocent mischevious acts and family time together. Elf Belle kicked off the second week with some fun games throughout the house.

Elf Day 7: Hide and Seek

This is a family favorite with Elf Belle! She loves to play hide and seek with the kids. This makes Elf Belle very real to the kids because she moves throughout the day, making them constantly look for her. They love being the first one to find her! It was a little harder to pull this one off with them being older and watching everything that happens with the elf. Their school day helped a little in these movements.

Elf Day 8: Christmas Chain

Elf Belle arrived this morning with cut strips of paper and our stapler to create a traditional Christmas countdown chain. We made it really quick this morning before the girls headed off to school. Each day they will take a chain off until they reach Christmas morning. This is such a simple tradition that I remember doing as a child and in my classroom when I was a teacher. The kids love it and it makes a perfect craft activity to do at home.

Elf Day 9: Game Night

Elf Belle arrived with an elf twister board and a stack of our family board games. She suggested a family game night. That night we had

fun with family game night, everyone got a turn at some of our family favorites. We used to do board games more often and really need to get back into the game nights. Mason is starting to get to the age of interest in games with his sisters. It will be fun to have a game night as a family of 5.


Elf Day 10: Ball Pit for Elves

This is a new addition to our Elf schemes. Elf Belle arrived this morning in a bowl covered in pom pom balls with a note that said she was enjoying the ball pit. The girls laughed hysterically all day at Elf Belle. They love ball pits and Elf Belle made this day a lot of fun with giggles.

Elf Day 11: Elf Magazine

Elf Belle arrived this morning with her newest edition of Elf Magazine. She was so excited for her new magazine that she relaxed all day reading the magazine. This is a perfect way to set up for a relaxing reading day or a lazy day. I changed her position for reading throughout the day from sitting to laying down.

Elf Day 12: Message from Santa

The kids woke up this morning to find Elf Belle hanging out in their dad’s stocking. She had a message that said that Santa sent a message to them. My computer was open and there was a website that had three videos from Santa talking to each child. If you are interested in doing these videos, check them out at Portable North Pole. I’ve made them for the kids for the past three years and they LOVE them!


Elf Day 13: Candy Cane

Elf Belle arrived with her traditional candy cane hunt for the kids. She hid 12 candy canes around the house and the kids had to find all 12. Both of the girls moved their candy canes to the tree after finding them. Mason was a little stinker and busted his open to start eating it at 7:30 in the morning. Yay for the sugar rush so early.

Find out what Elf Belle is up to next week!

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