Elf Belle is Back





Elf Belle has made her way back to us for this wonderful season. She arrived on Friday, December 1 with her traditional North Pole Breakfast. Elf Belle brought out the Christmas platters for eating breakfast on. She made red and green ornament shaped pancakes and served Christmas sprinkle muffins. The kids loved having Elf Belle back and listening to the Elf on the Shelf story first thing as they enjoyed their breakfast. Bailey kept saying, “I can’t wait to see where she is tomorrow!” Elf Belle will have to be planning some big plans for this season because these girls are really excited for the fun. Mason, however, is not really interested but I’m sure he will in year’s to come.




 Day 2: Elf Belle Brings Letters

Writing letters to Santa is always a fun tradition for my family. I remember writing letters to Santa when I was a kid. Elf Belle brings this joy each year and did again on the second day of her arrival. Since the girls are able to write now, Elf Belle brought Christmas writing paper that they could write their letter to Santa on. Mason got a letter paper as well that Mom had to help write his list. Toys R Us had delivered a catalog that Elf Belle left out for inspiration for the kids. They loved writing letters to Santa and leaving them out for Elf Belle to deliver to Santa for us that night.


Day 3: Elf Brings a Present

On this third day of December, Elf Belle brought the kids (and parents) a special family gift. She delivered a Baking kit that came with cookie cutters and a recipe for the kids to bake Christmas cookies. Baking is something that I love so being able to share this love with my kids is so special to me.

Unfortunately, we did not have a good day Sunday so we were unable to bake the cookies. They had trashed their playroom and refused to clean it. This triggered a bit of trouble for them. We had such a rough afternoon that Elf Belle left a little early that day, which they definitely noticed!


Elf Day 4:The First Warning/Surprise Item

Day four started with an official warning note from Santa, telling them that he was disappointed in their behavior from the day before. It let them know that Elf Belle returned early to the North Pole with a message of some serious naughty behaviors. They had been busted for not listening to parents, refusing to clean their mess, and being mean to their little brother. Santa reminded them that he was wanting them on the nice list and that they needed to make some major behavior changes. (Yes our afternoon was that bad on Sunday). At the bottom of the note, there was a PS that Elf Belle would only return if they were to make better choices that day.

Elf Belle returned that afternoon with two Santa Cameras on the main Christmas tree and in the kids playroom on their mini tree. She had a note saying that Santa wanted to keep a close eye on them! I tried to recreate these really cute Santa cameras I found on pinterest but it was a bit of a pinterest fail. It will work for this year! The girls noticed the cameras almost immediately, of course they thought they were ornaments (which is true), I had to tell them they were cameras from Santa. This may seem a bit creepy but it seemed to answer the question of “how does Santa know?” that we often hear.


Day 5: Bow Wall Climbing

Day four was a bit more silly for Elf Belle. The kids woke up this morning to find Elf Belle climbing the bow wall on the kitchen cabinets. Silly Elf Belle was wanting some “exercise” so she did a little bow climbing. The girls’ thought this was hilarious. They laughed and laughed, telling me they couldn’t wait to tell their friends about Elf Belle.

That afternoon was so cold here, never topping 40. BRRR! We were not ready for that first cold blast. Since we could not do anything else, we finally made the cookies that Elf Belle brought on Sunday. The kids loved having the fun together and enjoying those yummy cookies.

Elf Day 6: Candy Crazed Elf

Elf Belle found some left over m&ms today and went a little candy crazy. The kids found her when they came home from school in the bag of m&ms with a note saying “Don’t mind me…I’m gobbling up this candy!” The laughter that comes from Elf Belle being silly brings great smiles to our faces. I can’t help but laugh with them about Elf Belle’s crazy adventures.


Elf Belle has a few more weeks with us. Come back next week to see what adventures she has for our three kids and family.

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