Doc Band

Bailey received her first Doc Band from Cranial Technologies in early February. She was still small so we had weekly visits to Dallas for adjustments. The girls did really good at first traveling that far. But it soon became stressful. A month and a half after she had the band, they switched her to two week visits which was very helpful for me and the girls on the five hour drive.

Bailey was making amazing progress. Her forehead was moving back into the correct place and the back of her head was beginning to round out. We knew that we still had another band ahead of us but saw a lot of progress with the first band. We were so impressed that we decided to have Brooke evaluated as well. At the end of March she was evaluated and qualified for a Doc Band with the diagnosis of Brachiocephaly. Evidently it is very common to have twins in which one has Plagiocephaly and the other Brachiocephaly. Brooke received her Doc Band the last week of March.

Both girls continued to make progress in their bands over the next month. Bailey outgrew her first band in April and had to be measured for a second one. She received the second one at the end of April. It was much larger than the first one due to the fact that she would be in this one longer. At the end of May we were told that Brooke was almost finished with her band. She will have her last appointment this week, on June 21. Bailey still has at least two months to go in this band and possibly move towards a third band. At the last visit Bailey was in the middle of a growth spurt so she had 4 mm of growth in two weeks. That is very awesome to hear. Her ear had shifted back a little but we still have a ways to go for it to be in the right position. We are very excited about Brooke exiting from her Doc Band but are eager for Bailey to be accomplishing this as well.

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