Doc Band Free

It has been a while since I have posted anything so I have some catching up to do. It is official both girls are Doc Band free. We have had two months without the Doc Band. I am starting to see a huge difference in their personalities and the confidence they have. My daughters are starting to try to walk and stand unlike before where we were pushing them to crawl. The Doc Band was a miracle for us and we loved the progress made from it in both girls. They biggest thing now is that the girls are happy and developing as they should. Bailey is still having physical therapy three times a month. She is making progress each week with her neck functions. She is now able to turn each way and hold her head up straight. The muscles in her neck have loosened up and she is not fighting us as much with her exercises. We will be deciding a new goal at the upcoming appointments. These will determine the new exercises and challenges we will give her. Some will be standing and walking exercises.

Brooke is also doing fantastic. She has become our little leader. She crawled first, cruised first, and is now standing first. She will not stand on her own without holding on to something. She knows that she does not need the support but still chooses to hold on. We get her to let go at times and she will stand for a moment or two without the support then grabs on again. She thinks it is a fun game and laughs each time. That is not the plan we had when working on standing. I am expecting to see her standing and possibly walking within a few weeks. Hopefully Bailey will follow a few weeks later as she had before.

They keep growing and changing every day and I am so blessed to have these two little angels in my life.


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