Creating Baby Food

Since we have twins and have double the mouth to feed we have tried different methods of baby food. We started out by purchasing the Gerber baby food for stage one at the store. That worked for a little while but we soon found that the selection was limited at our local grocery store. I had seen online other moms that were making their own baby food so I decided that I wanted to try to make some baby food for the girls. I purchased the book “Mommy Made and Daddy too!” I found it very helpful in the recipes for baby food. After months of making my own baby food, I feel that it did save us money in the long run and I will most likely make baby food for any future children we have.

I would purchase frozen fruits and vegetables to help give a variety. Plus it allowed me more time in making the baby food. Apples, pears, avocados, and bananas were always fresh. When I made the baby food, I would spend an entire morning cooking and pureeing the food. The supply usually lasted me two weeks but for one baby I am sure it would be a month of meals. For me, this was the right way to go for baby food. I knew what was being put in my children’s food and it gave them a variety of tastes and textures. I believe that this helped my children be open to new foods. They eat most foods without any problem, even know that they are on finger foods.

I will mention spices that I used in my recipes for my baby food. Spice is something that I struggled with the thought of in the beginning. Babies have such sensitive stomachs and I was worried that my girls would not adapt well to the spices. I did eventually try adding the spices to their food and found that they did actually enjoy it. I did not ever put salt in their foods, I prefer to use no-salt salt for foods. The girls ate things with cinnamon, pepper, all spice, garlic, onion powder, etc… I think that putting the spices in the food has helped them prepare for the foods they will eat in the future.

All of my baby purees were put into small tubs and frozen. You can pour them into ice trays or small jars to freeze as well. I purchased the smallest Tupperware containers with lids that I could find to use for my purees. Instead of writing on each lid with a marker, I used scotch tape and wrote on the tape. Labels did not work as well because the stickiness wore off in the freezer.

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