Christmas 2017

It’s hard to believe that the year has already come and gone. Christmas time is here once again and we are closing out 2017. Christmas time is always a bit chaotic and stressful for me. Honestly it’s been that way my entire life with rotating holidays between parents and where I needed to be for each event.

As an adult it’s a little different because I live far away and have to travel to see family at the holidays. It’s a whole new kind of chaos. Between all the packing and driving with three kids and a dog, it puts a bit of stress on me. Even though it’s stressful, I always enjoy the holidays with family.

This year we went to see my family before Christmas. We made an incredibly fast trip to Houston over a weekend to see my parents, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins for the kids. It’s a huge amount of people over 48 hours and so much fun to see them all. Both sides of my family do the holidays a little different, which I love.

We ended our quick trip into Houston on Christmas Eve driving back home in time for Santa to arrive at home. I love spending time with family but it really is nice to have Christmas at our home and a place for Santa to come without a lot of extra planning.

We arrived back home on Christmas Eve about mid afternoon, which allowed us to bake cookies for Santa. I was planning to buy store bought chips ahoy but Bailey insisted Santa deserved homemade cookies. (Well partially home made as it is a prepackaged mix). We baked the cookies, unpacked our car and started the mountain of laundry and errands we had to do that afternoon.

The kids got to enjoy some cookies and hot cocoa as we prepared Santa’s plate that night and then went to bed excited about Santa’s arrival.

The next morning they were all so excited to sneak out and see what Santa brought them under the tree. This year I was very grateful for the personalized Santa bags my step mom had made for the kids the year before. With traveling days before Christmas, we had to have a way to deliver the gifts without them seeing them. This helped a lot in hiding the gifts in my closet days before. Mason’s gift didn’t fit in the bag so we put it on the side.

The kids love Christmas morning and seeing their joy is the best reward for all the exhaustion.

Now that Christmas is over we plan for our upcoming ski trip and the new year. Wishing you all a happy holiday season and a blessed new year! Come back to see what it was like with the girls (and my) first ski trip and Mason turning two.

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