Banana Purees

The recipe from “Mommy Made and Daddy too!” calls for one banana. I usually purchased a small bunch of bananas to create this puree. Bananas did not have to be steamed like the other recipes. Instead I would peel them and cut them into smaller pieces. Then take a fork or spatula and mash them. Then I would add a little water or formula to the mix to give it a wet consistency.

Occasionally, I would buy strawberry banana frozen mixtures to make a puree for the girls. This I would steam for a little while to get the strawberries cooked. It usually cooked in the microwave for about 4-5 minutes then I would puree it with some water.

Another great puree with bananas is mango-banana. My girls loved the mango banana puree. I would buy frozen mangoes and steam them for 9 minutes in the microwave. Then I would make the bananas as a separate dish. I would combine the mashed bananas and the steamed mangoes into the blender to puree with water.

For more banana puree ideas look at “Mommy Made and Daddy too!”

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