Bailey and Brooke…3 1/2 Years Old

I cannot believe that my girls are 3 & 1/2 years old. I was talking to Joel earlier this month and reminded him that they turn 4 this year. 4!!! Time is flying by way too fast!

Bailey is such a special girl. She has really come out of her introverted shell and is becoming a little mischevious child. Her favorite things to play with are her dress up clothes, baby dolls, barbies, and her sandbox. There is not a day that doesn’t go by without her having some kind of dress up clothes on. She is certainly our little diva!
Since the birth of her brother, she has become a little mama. She loves to help change diapers, hold him, and even “help” with feeding. She loves to sit with him and talk to him. Bailey acts out being a mom with her baby dolls.
Currently she is:
Height – 37 3/4 inches
Weight – 35 lbs 6 oz
Bailey started speech in December to help her with her ‘s’, ‘f’, and a few other beginning sounds that she struggles with. Her speech therapist comes to the house twice a week to work with her for 30 minutes. In the few weeks that she has had speech therapy, we have seen her begin to notice her mistakes and will correct them with us reminding her one time. This is a big adjustment because she would shut down if we corrected her before or would repeat it whispering so that we couldn’t hear if she made a mistake. Bailey h
as been very self-conscious of her speech these past 6 months. We think she knew she said things differently but did not know how to fix it.
Brooke is our wild child. She has a loud and energetic personality. She has never met a stranger and will talk to anyone. This is something we are working on because she gives too much information and does not need to talk to all strangers. Her favorite things to play with are her pet vet, puzzles, dress up clothes, and stuffed animals. She has a HUGE imagination and comes up with things that we have never thought of. Brooke is certainly our little fire ball.
Currently she is:
Height – 37 3/4 inches
Weight – 32 lbs 6 oz
Brooke still wears glasses. She is in her third pair of glasses, this time they are purple. Since the birth of her brother we have had more drama from her. She throws fits and cries a lot more. We are working with her to express her feelings through words and not the drama. It’s been hard but once she adjusts she should be back to her normal self.
I have to say that these two girls amaze me each day. They are funny, outspoken, intelligent, beautiful little girls. They love reading and learning! Playing outside is such a fun time for them. It’s so much fun watching them grow and learn. I cannot believe they are over halfway through with their Pre-k 3 class and will be in Pre-K 4 in the fall. Before I know it, my tiny twin babies will be in Kindergarten. Time certainly needs to slow

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