Back To School Preparation

It’s now August and the girls return to school in September. Back to school shopping is going on all around us. This is how we prepare for school.

School Supplies
Luckily we do not have to buy the supplies yet for school. The girls’ school has a supply fee that allows them to purchase the items needed for the classrooms. That takes the additional pressure off of this mama. We still have the nap mats from last year as well as their lunch boxes and backpack. Since they only go twice a week there is no need for all new stuff.

I feel that I really lucked out on when their birthday is because it falls right around the time school starts. Family love to buy clothes for birthdays so this really helps out with school starting. I usually get a wide variety of clothes that will let the girls start school and enter into the cooler months. I typically won’t start clothes shopping until October or November for them, which really turns into Christmas gifts. During the summer, I try to keep the good summer clothes seperate and we don’t play outside in them to keep them nice for school.

Meet The Teacher
Every year we have a meet the teacher the week before the girls start school. We will have the opportunity to introduce ourselves and the girls to their new teacher and see who is in their class for the upcoming year. We haven’t had this yet but we will the first week of September right before they start the following Tuesday.

Learning Tasks
We have been working on their alphabet and numbers. We are trying to get the girls to identify the letters and numbers when they see them. This is just for fun and to get their minds back in the learning mode before school starts. I am certainly not pushing the letters and numbers at them all day. I simply make a game out of it or sing songs with them. It’s just fun that allows the learning to be there as well.

Small Tasks To Do
I do have a small few things I will have to do to get ready for their school year. I have to set aside clothes for accidents and make sure that their names are in those clothes. To put their names in the clothes (and jackets in the fall) I use iron on name tags. The name tags say both girls names because they share clothes. Another task I need to do…order some more big girl cups. Last year we used sippy cups but the girls have grown out of those cups and are more interested in straw cups or the new water bottles. At least in ordering these, they will be used for multiple years. Last year I ordered stick on labels that were supposed to be dishwasher safe for all their cups and lunch supplies. I found that they were not as stick on as I had hoped and found myself replacing them frequently. I found out half way through the year that some companies make rubber band rings that have the child’s name on them that will slip on to the cup. So I need to order a few of those for each girl to have on their new cups.

Essential Oils
This one seems a little random for getting ready for school but I have found some must-haves that I will need for this school year. Young Living has an oil that is fantastic for helping with immune systems and de-germing your body. It’s called Thieves. This oil not only comes in a regular oil bottle but it also has some sprays and cleaning products for your home. In preparation for returning to school and returning to those horrible germs that come from schools, I will be stocking up on the Thieves oil, sprays, and cleaning products. After last year’s horrible illness with Brooke, I want to be pro-active and prepare my house. There is no guarantee with any of these oils that they won’t get sick, but if it may help, then it’s worth trying to me. (You can ready about Brooke’s horrible illness here at Love My Life With Twins: A Mother’s Nightmare).

I hope everyone has a wonderful school year!

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