A Worthy Cause

I have a list of blog topics that help inspire post ideas. There are several blog post ideas that I want to write about but the topics are not topics I am prepared to write about right now. As I reviewed my list of topics, I came across “write about a worthy cause or charity” and decided this is the perfect time for this post.

The worthy cause/charity I am writing about is Autism Speaks in honor of my nephew. My nephew was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was very little. Tomorrow he celebrates his 19th birthday! It has been 15+ years since his diagnosis and we have hoped for a cure or treatment plan for his disorder since that time. No cure has been found at this time but there has been a lot of progress. Progress that may not have happened as quick without the Autism Speaks Foundation.

My family is a supporter of the Autism Speaks Foundation which raises money to find a cure for Autism Spectrum Disorder. They also are an advocacy for children and adults with Autism. Autism Speaks started ten years ago and is currently the world’s leading organization in Autism science and advocacy. 

Each October my family comes together to walk in the Houston Autism Walk in honor of my nephew. Although, they have not found a cure for Autism, they have come so far in the techniques for working with children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

My nephew’s diagnosis with Autism sparked an interest for me in Special Education. I loved watching him grow and how he learned the things that we take for granted. It made me want to work with other children with disabilities. 
In honor of my nephew and anyone who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, I am adding an affiliate program to my page. Products purchased from the online shop go towards the research foundation. In additon all commissions made from purchases through my page link, will also go to the research foundation at Autism Speaks. Come back soon to see the link to Autism Speaks Organization. 

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