A Surprising Blessing!!!

For a few months now we have been talking about whether or not to have another baby. We both really wanted to have another baby but we weren’t sure if the timing was right. But as we have always been told, “The timing is never right” or “It’s not our decision”. Well in early May I started seeing babies every where. Every show I turned on, every post of facebook, every where I looked there was a new baby. Then one day I received a package of Similac samples. Completely Random! That’s what we thought but then we began to talk about it and thought, maybe this was all a sign, time to have another baby.

A few days later, I had a strange feeling that I might already be pregnant. So I decided to take a pregnancy test and just see, fully expecting it to be negative. It was positive! Shocked I took the second one within 30 minutes. It was also positive. So it’s official we are having another baby!!

I had my first appointment on June 18. OBs here do not see patients until they are around 10 weeks. I was hoping that since my first pregnancy was twins and that I could likely have more twins so I want to get in sooner due to the possibility of that happening again, but they still wouldn’t see me early.

We announced to our family by having the girls share a cute sign that I found from SweetMe Boutiques on Etsy. This is the sign I purchased for the girls Big Sisters. Here is a picture of them holding the sign.

Stay tuned for our baby #3 updates. 

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