A Day in Our Life…

Not long ago someone asked me what we did all day. I honestly believe that most people think that all we do is sit at home all day watching television and playing. So I’m here to tell you what really happens behind the scenes in our household.

My day starts at 6:30 am so that I have time to get myself dressed and have a cup of coffee before the kids get up at 7. At 7 am, I get all three kids up and have them get ready for the day by getting dressed, making their beds and putting their dirty clothes away. Then they have breakfast together before heading into the bathroom to brush their teeth. While they are brushing their teeth I quickly clean up their breakfast mess and get the baby ready for the day. At 8:30 am our homeschooling morning starts.

We have homeschool lessons from 8:30 am until snack time at 9:15. At this time all three kids have a morning snack and take a break while they listen to a story. Once snack time is over and cleaned up, we continue with our homeschool schedule. We stop around 10:30 to go outside to play for about an hour. I prepare lunch as the kids wash their hands and set the table. After lunch, Mason takes a nap and the girls have their quiet time for at least an hour. During that time, I take care of the laundry, dishes, and all of the household chores. If there is any time left over, I take a few minutes to read my devotional or work on my blog posts.

Mason usually wakes from his nap around 2 pm. The kids had independent play time for a little while before clean up time at 4:30. I start cooking dinner each night at 5 pm so that we can eat at 6 pm. The kids get to watch television or play on their electronic devices while I am cooking dinner. Twice a week the girls have soccer practice so we have to push dinner time until after they get back. On those days I prep dinner during nap time so that it’s only something we heat up or a quick salad.

After dinner, it’s time for me to clean up the kitchen and dining room before baths start. Luckily my husband is able to help me most nights for bath time so that I can clean up. Once bath time is over we all sit around and enjoy story time before the kids going to bed.

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