Homeschool Month 1: The Recap


We started homeschool on September 5. The girls are homeschooled three days a week and go to a mother’s day out preschool program the other two days. This gives me a break and them the socialization as well as learning opportunities that I cannot give them at home.

Weekly Reviews

For the first week, we covered Back to School lesson. This was a long week. The girls were still learning how to do the activities and I was trying to figure out the schedule with my son tagging along. As I worked through the lesson, I saw the strengths and weaknesses of my girls. Shapes were a strength for them. Writing was a weakness.

On week two we covered the lesson All About Me. The girls were starting to see the repetition in the learning activities and were enjoying learning at home. I was loving teaching them at home too.

Week three was the People lesson. By this week both girls were really excited about school time. I felt like we were getting the hang of the routine. This week was starting to show me that we were going to be able to make this work with me teaching them at home.

Week four of September, we covered Community Helpers. By this week, I opted to make a few changes to the lesson plan. The kids started their pocket chart stories on Mondays rather than Wednesdays. This gave them the repetition they needed to learn the new stories. I also added sight word flash cards to our activities. I had found that Fridays when they read the sight word wall, they were struggling with words that they may not have seen that week. So I added the sight words to flash cards that they kept in their reading pockets with their books. They read through them each day to help them remember the words.

Overall the first month was a success! I made some adjustments for their learning but we are all learning in this process. Their favorite activities this month as been Science and all the experiments. I love that they are loving Science!

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What’s In Your Easter Basket?

Planning your child’s Easter basket can be fun but also a bit of a chore. The easiest thing is to buy a basket prepackaged with random things in the basket. Those are usually themed baskets such as sports, art, summer, etc… I don’t like to pick up the prepackaged baskets because I find that it has items that are not what my children are interested in. Another option is to buy the prepackaged candies and random things at the grocery store on the holiday aisle. Again that is an easier choice but we prefer to not have a basket full of candy. Especially since Mom and Dad would be the ones eating it.

So, what do we do?

Like many other parents we pick and choose the items we want in the basket. The first years easter baskets can be found here and here. Last year we chose to go with a summer theme with bathing suits, sunglasses, and flip flops. Easter basket fillers this year were products of the dollar section of our grocery store and Target. With three kids, easter baskets can get expensive. So the dollar sections were a perfect solution. What was in this years easter basket?

For my twins’ easter baskets:

  • coloring book
  • activity book
  • easter socks
  • easter stamps
  • chalk
  • a new reader book
  • an assortment of plants in the pot ready for planting
  • small chocolate bunny

My girls are really into the whole idea of gardening so when I saw the dollar plants I had to get some for their baskets.

For my baby’s easter basket:

  • coloring book
  • toddler plates
  • a toddler cup
  • chalk
  • bubbles
  • football
  • soccer ball
  • book
  • small chocolate bunny

The kids loved their easter baskets and they were great on the budget. The most expensive thing I purchased was the books. The majority of their items were in the dollar sections and literally cost only a dollar. I loved finding things they want to play with and use that didn’t cost a fortune.

Read here to find out more about our easter celebration or how we plan our easter egg hunt.


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Summer Bucket Lists

Once upon a time,  I loved Summer vacation. It was my time to take a break from school and my teaching job. In the summer I could sleep in, lay by the pool, or do whatever I wanted during those summer vacations.

Well, Summer is quickly approaching and all three kids will be home five days a week. I’m trying to prepare myself for all the whining, crying, fighting, and drama that comes with three kids being home day after day. Just thinking about all of that drama made me realize that I needed a plan of fun to keep them busy all summer.

There are a few things that I plan to already do with them that will keep them busy for short periods of the day. We will have swim lessons four days a week and will have our pool for afternoon play time. I also plan for the girls to be in ballet camp for a week and possibly vacation bible school for another week.

Let’s be honest, those plans will not keep them busy for long and definitely won’t stop the drama. For those in between times I need some back up plans which is why I have created the summer bucket list full of ideas of what to do with the kids.

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Summer Bucket List 2017


  • Reading program
  • Play board games
  • Have a puppet show
  • Tea Party
  • Read-a-thon
  • Build a fort
  • DIY spa day
  • Ball pit fun
  • Finger Paint
  • Family Sleepover in the family room
  • Make root beer floats
  • Pajama party
  • Kids baking


Day Trips or Vacations:

  • Beach Trip
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Trip to the Zoo
  • Go to the movies
  • Trip to the children’s museum
  • Go to a drive-in movie
  • Trip to one museum
  • Camping Trip
  • Trips to the park
  • Go to a bowling alley
  • Baseball game
  • Go to a jump park
  • Library story time
  • Go feed ducks
  • Back to school shopping trip
  • Go on a hike
  • Visit a splash pad
  • Go fishing
  • Visit the Farmer’s market

With all of those ideas, the kids should have a blast this summer, I hope! But, they are not the only ones that need a summer bucket list. I have a list of things that I would like to do this summer as well.


Summer Bucket List for Mom

  • Read 5 books or more start to finish
  • Finish my bible study that I started a year ago, The Armour of God
  • Go see a movie (something my husband and I have NEVER done together, weird I know)
  • Finish the girls’ scrapbooks ages Birth to 5 and start a new one for each of them.
  • Bring baby boy’s scrapbook up to current date.
  • Garden around my house, bringing color to my yard
  • Organize rooms in my house
  • Work on new projects for Hale Yes Designs (on Etsy)
  • Brainstorm blogging topics
  • Learn something new
  • Knit winter hats for the kids (something I doubt I will do but it’s worth a try)
  • Update decor in my bedroom
  • Get into shape


Hopefully, with these great to dos on our summer bucket lists, we will keep busy and not have bored moments in our house. Maybe we can even replace the drama with loads of fun. For now, we will have to wait and see. Check back for updates of our summer break.


Coming Up:

  • What’s In Your Easter Basket?
  • Soccer Game #4 & #5


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Our Easter Weekend

Just as it has been for past Easter holidays, the kids have multiple Easter egg hunts, a visit with the Easter bunny, and a long weekend at home with Mom and Dad. This year was just as special for our little family.

A few days before Easter the girls had their school Easter egg hunt. They absolutely love this hunt with their friends. The hunt ends with a “surprise from the Easter bunny. With this being their third or fourth year, most of the kids know that the bunny is coming, not that big of a surprise anymore. As parents we love this time because it means we don’t have to go to the mall for a picture of the kids with the Easter bunny. This year’s Easter egg hunt was the last school hunt for my girls. They do not know that Easter egg hunts will not happen in Kindergarten. We will wait to tell them until next year, no point in drama a year early.

The celebration of Easter continues as we have our bible study during the week. This week the kids talk about the meaning of Easter. We are a religious family so this time of year is special to us. I love hearing what they learn about at bible study and what they think about the meaning of Easter.

This week we had our homeschool a day early because we wanted Good Friday off. Plus my mom flew in that day for a meeting and a little Easter time with us. Good Friday everyone was home. My mom had to work but was able to help with the kids which meant that my husband and I could run errands together. We took the littlest one with us for the errands and let the other two hang out with Nana at the house. Our errands took most of the morning whihc is not what we had expected. By the time we got home we had to rush around to take the older two for a surprise treat for them.

On this Good Friday we took them to their first movie theater movie. We have talked about taking them to the movies for over a year now but have never been able to or had a movie we wanted them to see in theaters. Their first movie theater movie was The Smurfs: The Lost Village. I loved this movie! I remember watching the smurfs at my Nana’s house when I would go visit. It was a favorite past time for me, so sharing that experience with my two girls was special. My girls on the other hand, didn’t care for the experience as much. The movie theater was too loud for their liking and they spent part of the time trying to cover their ears and eat popcorn at the same time. I haven’t been to a movie theater in so long that I forgot how loud everything is. In the future we will pack some ear plugs to drown out some of that loudness. As for the movie content, they had a hard time understanding some of it. There were jokes meant more for parents than kids which made it a little difficult for them to follow. I honestly think that most kids movies are becoming that way. Not just for the kids anymore!

After the movies were over, we set up an Easter egg hunt in the backyard for all three kids. (You can read here about my planning for this Easter Egg hunt.) This was the little ones first Easter egg hunt so I spent most of my time showing him where to look and reminding him to pick up the eggs.  I was able to capture pictures of the girls gathering their eggs as well. Brooke was an egg hunting master this year. I think she had 50% of the eggs in her basket alone. Bailey stopped to help her little brother part of the time which is why she didn’t get as many.  

On Saturday we visited our local farmers market. We have a farmers market in the spring and summer seasons only. In the four years we have lived here we have never made it over to the market. So we finally made it. I’m not sure what I was expecting but the market wasn’t it. I remember farmers markets being rows of fruit and vegetables. Maybe that is a thing of the past but ours was local diy vendors selling things as well as plants and fruit or vegetable seeds. I’m not sure where the local fruit and vegetables were, but they were not there. It could be that they were out of town for Easter this weekend so we figure we will try again another weekend.

The rest of Saturday was spent working on projects around the house and playing outside. My mom went home on Saturday evening. Sunday morning was our traditional Easter morning. The Easter Bunny snuck into our house while we were sleeping and brought the kids lots of goodies. You can find out what was in their easter baskets here. We finished our weekend with an Easter dinner and game time with the kids. It was a fun three day weekend.


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Mason’s 15 Month Checkup

Time is flying by!!! Can it stop please? I just want to freeze time for a bit!

Mason is 15 months old now. My baby boy is no longer a baby but now a growing toddler. We had a check up at our pediatrician on the 11th. At his appointment he was:

Weight – 23 lbs (28th percentile)

Height – 31 1/3 inches (56th percentile)

He got 3 shots at this appointment. It is so hard watching your baby get shots, whether you believe in vaccinations or not, watching your baby go through that is difficult. I know other moms feel this way as well and that I’m not alone. The only up-side that I can say about Mason getting shots is that it’s not as bad as it was with the girls. I would take the two of them to the doctor for a well-check with vaccinations and would usually cry afterwards. I would help hold the first one while they got shots, that girl would scream and cry, and I would have no time to comfort them before I would have to hold the next one for their shots. Two screaming babies and not enough arms and kisses to comfort them. I would leave the appointment emotionally stressed and wanting to cry, if not already crying myself. At least Mason’s appointments, he is the only one getting shots and I am able to hold and kiss him afterwards to comfort him.

Mason is growing into such a big surprising little boy. I never truly understood the term all boy until having him. And he is all boy! He is curious, stubborn, and a bit of a wild child. He loves to play soccer, dribbling the ball just like his big sisters. He plays basketball with his big slam dunks on our little basketball goal. He recently learned he can climb on top of the furniture to sit with us. Mason will climb onto the couch and then try to run or jump up and down. We have tried to get him to stop but it has not stuck yet that he is not supposed to do that. I’m hoping he gets it soon. My heart jumps every time he does it and more so when he falls.

Mason loves his big sisters so much! Whenever they are home he is with them. He sits with them, imitating them during homeschool and play time. He likes to read books like them, listen to stories like them, and tries to participate in any of their activities. Mason cries when he cannot be near them. He follows them around every where they go. He has a special bond with each of his sisters. Bailey is the motherly sister. She likes to take care of him. She will get diapers for him, she washes his hands after playing outside. She will build towers, trains, and play in the sandbox with him. Bailey has come a long way from the screaming every time he was near her that we experienced the last few months. Brooke has a sweet sisterly love for Mason. She plays silly games with him, gives him hugs and snuggles with him whenever she can. When in the backyard, she jumps on the trampoline with him and loves to make him laugh. I think that these are my favorite times, when the kids are playing nicely together. I don’t mind the loud screams of joy throughout the house. The hardest times are when they start fighting with each other, which happens throughout the week as well.

Mason’s current favorite things to play with are his block trains, stacking rings and cups, and soccer ball. He will sit and build things quietly on his own throughout the day. I love that he is starting to play on his own without someone sitting right there with him. The independent play time is the best time for me. I like watching them explore on their own.

Mason is still not sleeping all night long. He will sleep from 7:30 – 5 am some nights. Then he will wake around 1-2:30 am other nights. We go back and forth throughout the week and stay exhausted. Right now we are trying the cry-it-out method to get him to sleep. I think our biggest issue is that we will go in to give him his pacifier, thinking that he has lost it. We find that he has the pacifier and is then awake because he saw us in the room. So then we have to decide not to go in at all. If he wakes completely he starts to scream and cry like he is hurting or scared. The motherly instinct to comfort your baby kicks in so then I want to go comfort him but at the same time I’m exhausted and trying to teach him to sleep at night. It’s a constant battle. I keep hoping that he will finally sleep through the night but this has not happened yet, 15 months of a non-sleeper…we are tired. The pediatrician recommended that we give him a toy at night to keep him entertained during the night when he wakes before going back to sleep. We never did this with either of the girls so it’s hard to imagine that this will work. However, we are so tired and are willing to try ANYTHING to get him to sleep and let us sleep. So, fingers crossed and prayers for a solution.

Even with the no sleep, he is my sweet little man. Mason loves to cuddle with me and give lots of kisses. He is such a sweetheart. We all love having him part of our family and couldn’t imagine our lives any different.


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  • Easter Celebrations
  • Soccer Game #4


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Third Soccer Game

This past Saturday we had their third soccer game. It was a little later in the morning so it quickly became hot. This really affected the play time for all of the girls. This week we had five of the six players one little girl was sick and could not play. Having one less player makes for a hard game. The girls rotated in and out so many times that they were all exhausted by the end.

As for my little girls, this was a big game for them. They both had a chance to get the ball during the game. Bailey got the ball during the second quarter. She dribbled the ball part of the way before someone stole the ball. She started crying and wanted to get off the field. I told her that she needed to go back and try to get the ball back. So she ran out there and tried. She wasn’t successful but she did her best. When she sat out next, we told her that she had to work on getting faster with her dribbling so they couldn’t steal the ball.

Brooke also got the ball this game. She had a “break-away” during the third quarter. (For those of you like me that do not know soccer terminology, a break-away is when the player gets the ball away from the rest of the players on the field in a chance to score a goal). Brooke was so excited that she had the ball and was going to score that she didn’t hear us telling her to turn the ball around to the other goal. She was part of the way down the field before she realized what we were saying and then tried to turn it. During the turn around another player caught up with her and stole the ball away. She tried to get it back but like her sister before, she was unsuccessful. I was so proud of her for not crying when the other player stole the ball and for not giving up and walking the rest of the field. She continued to chase the ball and play.

They played so hard this game and with it being the first time either of them got the ball during a game, we decided they deserved a reward. So that afternoon, Mommy took them to get an ice cream sundae to celebrate their success in the game.

The biggest struggle that both girls have is running. They are not strong runners. This has been a big cloud over us with Bailey’s past medical history but recently we have seen that Brooke struggles to keep up with other kids as well. The only way that we know to help them is to practice running to strengthen their legs and grow their speed. So, Mommy, both of the girls, and baby Mason are going to start running together. I’m sure dad will be joining us as well when he is home. We figure if the girls can keep up with me pushing a stroller, than they will gain that strength that they need, get some momentum to be able to run for a little while without tiring, and gain some speed. This decision is not to “groom” them to be great athletes but to help them with leg strengthening and teach them about good habits of exercising as well. Hopefully this will be beneficial to all of us. I will let you know how it goes.


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  • Mason’s 15 Month Checkup
  • Easter Celebrations
  • Soccer Game #4


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Soccer Game #2

Soccer season is in full “swing”. We just had our second game for the 8 week season. After the first game a little over a week ago, and seeing how hard it was on the girls, we spent some extra time at home working on soccer skills. As we played in the backyard, I had both girls running after the ball and running while dribbling the ball. This is a skill that Bailey had not been able to do yet. I’m not exactly sure how I got through to her, but somehow me telling her to run with the ball worked on getting her to dribble the ball while running full speed.

Joel had been working in the yard that evening. He had left the backyard to get something from our garage and came around through the back gate as he saw Bailey in full speed with the ball. The excitement in his eyes made it even more special. To most people seeing your child run while kicking a ball isn’t a big deal but for us, it is. We were told that Bailey may never be able to run like that, that she may not be able to kick a ball, that her deficits after birth would haunt her all her life. (I’m sorry but I’m a bit emotional as I write this part). As we watched our little girl, who came into this world fighting this battle, run while kicking a ball, it brought Joel and I a great amount of joy. Our little fighter has marked out another “she won’t be able to do” off her list.

So… Sorry about that emotional moment. Proud momma!

Now Brooke had a different kind of practice week. I think she had a case of clumsiness at practice the first day. She tripped over the ball, face planting it on the hard ground. When she got to me, crying huge crocodile tears, I pulled back her sports glasses to check her face and saw that the glasses cut into her nose from the impact. She has several cuts on her nose that will take a few days to heal. After recovering from the face plant, she caught another girls foot falling on her legs and bottom. More crocodile tears. I felt so bad, I was trying to manage her brother while tending to her as well. I don’t think I did the best job of comforting her during her upsetting moment.

So that brings us to the game on Saturday.

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Easter Egg Hunt with Kids at Different Ages

Being a mom of three kids, I have to admit that this is the first year that I have had an Easter egg hunt with kids of multiple ages. In the past it has just been my twin girls hunting eggs, which meant only planning for them. This year the baby is old enough to hunt for eggs with his sisters. I am probably more excited about all three of them hunting together than they are! With kids of multiple ages hunting, I had to think
about what fillers would be age appropriate. Honestly, there are not any fillers that are age appropriate for all three so I had to mix them up.

To fill the eggs I chose to use 7 different varieties of eggs. Each color had a certain type of filler. This way I knew what was in the egg and safe for the baby. I chose the following types of eggs: yellow, pink, purple, green, blue, orange, and jumbo size eggs.

Yellow Eggs

For these eggs I used “treasure” coins that I found at the local grocery store. I call them treasure coins because they look like the treasure coins from jake and the neverland pirates. The coins are chocolates imprinted like coins, wrapped in gold paper. I saw these at the grocery store and knew they would be a big hit with my kids because they love collecting “treasure”.


Pink and Purple Eggs

The pink and purple eggs contain all of the candy. I had picked up some candy for their schools’ Easter egg hunt and had a little left over. I saved the candy for their Easter egg hunt at home. This candy included 3 muskiteers, crunch bars, and snickers. All of which were the mini size. Only pink and purple had candy so I know that the baby cannot have those.


Orange Eggs

The orange eggs hold all the money. I found a bunch of pennies and stuffed some in the orange eggs. These will be for all three kids to put in their piggy banks. We will have to monitor them when the baby is opening eggs to make sure he doesn’t put any in his mouth. It may seem strange to give a baby money, but he likes adding money to his piggy bank just like his sisters.


Green and Blue Eggs

The green and blue eggs are made just for the baby. They include toddler snacks. I put cheerios, yogurt melts, banana cookies, and goldfish in these eggs. I thought about his favorite things to eat and put them in the eggs as a special treat for him.


Jumbo Eggs

The jumbo eggs are a new edition to our egg hunt. These eggs include tickets or coupons for special things or activities. On these coupons are activities that the kids would love to have or do. Here are a few of the ideas that were chosen for the coupon eggs.

  • Movie Night
  • Game Night
  • Dinner of My Choice
  • Picnic Lunch
  • Bike Ride around the park
  • Get a new book

The coupons are not things that the baby will have any interest in but he would love getting a new book or the ride to the park.

The Plan for the Hunt

There are many options for egg hunting for kids. I have seen where kids have different areas of a yard for kids to hunt eggs. Some people choose to have their children pick a specific color and only hunt that color. This year we are chosing to let them hunt whatever colors they want. The baby does not know his colors yet so telling him to pick a specific color to hunt is not a possibility this year. Having him hunt a seperate area is also not an option for this year. He follows his big sisters everywhere so he would not stay in that area. This egg hunt we are going to let them get their eggs and trade out colors when it’s over. I’m hoping that they can exchange the eggs without drama but with three kids, there is no guarantee.

To find out how it goes, see our upcoming post of Easter Celebrations.

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Preschool Lesson: Summer

This week’s Preschool Theme is Summer. This is our last week of preschool, YAY!

Circle Time

Color – Black

Days of the week: Move the days of the week

Weather Bear: Dress the weather bear for today’s weather.


For the last three weeks of our preschool program, we will be using I can read! Phonics Books set.

 I can Read Phonics


Summer Days and NightsRead Aloud: Summer Days and Nights by Wong Herbert Yee

Review Sight words

I can read! Phonics Book #7: Biscuit Bakes A Cake!

Look through all of the pictures, identify, and review initial sounds. Read this book together. Identify sight words. They will practice reading on their own.

Pocket Chart Book:

Using the phonics book, recreate the story for your children. Read the text aloud and have your children add the pictures that belong. Use pointers to point to the words as you read. Allow your child the opportunity to point and tell the story.


Read Aloud: Let It Shine by Maryann Cocca-Leffler Let it shine

Review Sight words
I can read! Phonics Book #8: Biscuit’s Hide and Seek!

Look through all of the pictures, identify, and review initial sounds. Read this book together. Identify sight words. They will practice reading on their own.

Pocket Chart Book:

Using the phonics book, recreate the story for your children. Read the text aloud and have your children add the pictures that belong. Use pointers to point to the words as you read. Allow your child the opportunity to point and tell the story.


The Relatives CameRead Aloud: The Relatives Came by Cynthia Rylant
I can read! Phonics Book # 9: Biscuit and the Firefly

Look through all of the pictures, identify, and review initial sounds. Read this book together. Identify sight words. They will practice reading on their own.

Pocket Chart Book:

Using the phonics book, recreate the story for your children. Read the text aloud and have your children add the pictures that belong. Use pointers to point to the words as you read. Allow your child the opportunity to point and tell the story.

Sight Word Wall

Today we will review all of our sight words on the sight word wall.

*Here are a few other Read Alouds for you to choose from.


The Summer Visitors by Karel Hayes

Rules of Summer by Shaun Tan

Mama, Is It Summer Yet? By Nikki McClure



Today we are using our Learn the alphabet workbook and Preschool Book for the letter review. The girls -are writing the letter review and identifying letters in it on page 47-48 in the Learning the alphabet workbook. In our Preschool Book page we are completing the letter review on page 88-91.

*I have them work in the workbooks during this time because it allows me time to transition and take care of their brother.


Writing story: This week’s story is about summer.


Today the girls will be having a free write. They will write whatever they would like.




Trace the Sight Words

Today we will be tracing the sight words can, it, up, a.


Trace the Sight Words

Today we will be tracing the sight words and, big, is, me.


Trace the Sight Words

Today we will be tracing the sight words is, the, to, a.



This week we are continuing our addition and subtraction unit.


For today’s lesson, I am going to introduce subtraction using manipulatives. For example, I will start with three bears. I will tell the girls I need one bear. I need to take away two bears to get one. I will show them how to count starting with three until we get to one and take those away. We will subtract from the number 10 today only.

For five minutes, they will practice adding on using manipulatives. They can practice up to the number 10.


For today’s lesson is reviewing addition and subtraction using manipulatives. Give your child small problems to add and subtract.


For today’s lesson is reviewing addition and subtraction using manipulatives. Give your child small problems to add and subtract.



This week we are going to do the Mentos Firework Experiment adapted from Education.


2 liter of diet soda

Roll of mentos

Empty paper towel roll


  1. Outside place the soda on a flat surface.
  2. Unroll the mentos candy from the wrapper.
  3. Take the paper towel tube over the opened soda bottle.
  4. Drop all of the mentos into the soda bottle.
  5. Move quickly away from the soda bottle and watch as the two mixes together.
  6. Document in your Science Folder.


Role Play

Today we are going to pretend we are on a beach trip.


social studies

This week we are going to talk about things we want to do this summer. We are going to make a list of all the fun things we want to do this summer. This will be a fun way to plan for the three month summer vacation.

This week our art craft is paper plate beach ball.


Paper plate

markers (or paint)


Show a picture of a beach ball and have your children decorate the beach ball using markers or paint.
play learn grow together

I hope that you enjoy this lesson plan for Summer! Thank you for being a part of our preschool this year. I hope you found all of the lesson plans helpful.

If you missed one of our 34 lessons, check out the archives list.

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First Soccer Game

We officially have started a new Saturday ritual, soccer games. I have a confession to make. I wasn’t sure that the girls would be that interested in soccer. My girls’ interests are dress up, tiaras, tea parties, dancing, tumbling, and swimming. So when the topic of soccer came up, I didn’t really expect them to want to play. They surprised me with the decision to play this year. I’m not a soccer player or interested in any type of sport myself but I want them to be well-rounded and pick their own interests, not ones that me or my husband like. We both agree to let to try things and then they can decide. So, we are adventuring with soccer for 12 weeks.

The girls started practices about 4 weeks ago but their first official game was today. Their team consists of six players, three that had played before and three that have not, which I feel like is a good advantage for those that are learning. Two of the team mates were out this week for the game, which meant that all four girls had to play the entire game. Exhausting! With this being Bailey and Brooke’s first game, they were a bit clueless on what would happen today. Brooke is typically a strong player. She can maneuver her body in between a player and the ball. It’s quite impressive for a new player.

Bailey is strong at dribbling the ball down the field. She has better control of the ball than the other kids but is in slow motion with her dribbling. She knows that the slower she goes, the more control she has. We have tried many ways to get her to speed up. Our newest is to remind her to “Run like Foley.” (Foley is the cheetah from The Lion Guard on Disney Junior). I’m not sure if it really is making her run any faster, but she says she is running like Foley. And hey, effort is all that matters at this age.

Like with many kids, the practices go better than the game. “Stage fright” overtakes them and they become self-conscious in front of the many people. For my two it was the swarm of girls who surrounded the ball competiting to get it and the groups of people all over the field, yelling for their child to score. It overwhelmed both of them so they backed off a bit. Most of the time Bailey stayed out of the crowd of kids.

We have a few strong players that were able to get the ball and make multiple goals. The other team had the ball so close to score different times. They would kick the ball and it would miss the goal. Joel was so sweet to encourage them to keep trying. He was encouraging more than just our team which I thought it was very sweet.

It was a good first game, we are off to a good start. Maybe mommy can enjoy it if I can figure out what to do with Mason to keep him happy.

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