Essential Oils: Little Ones

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List of Oils:









Gentle Baby

Gentle Baby





Di Gize





15 drops VetiverFocus
10 drops Lavender
10 drops Cedarwood
4 drops Frankincense
¼ teaspoon carrier oil (vegetable oil, almond oil, olive oil)

Add all ingredients to a roller bottle and apply as needed to neck, wrists or feet. You can also diffuse this blend.


Colic Blends

Colic Blend 1:

1 drop lavender Colic Blend 1

2 drops of peppermint

Put in the diffuser with water. This acts as an anti-inflammatory which is wonderful for their tummies.



Colic Blend 2:Colic Blend 2

1 drop dill

1 tbsp of carrier oil

Combine and rub on your baby’s belly and back. Dill is an antispasmodic which helps with cramping.


Colic Blend 3:Colic Blend 3

1 drop Di-Gize

1 Tbsp carrier oil

Rub on belly and back to relieve digestion, heart burn, gas, bloating.


Colic Blend 4:Colic Blend 4

1 or 2 drops of Lavender

Cotton Ball

Place inside your shirt when snuggling with the baby. They will breathe in the fragrance and it will relax their tummy.

Note**Babies skin is sensitive so make sure you dilute with at least a tablespoon of carrier oil. Diluted peppermint is not safe on the skin.


Child’s Cough

1 Teddy Bear Child's Cough

2 drops R.C.

1 drop Eucalyptus

1 drop Gentle Baby

Add drops of oil to head of teddy bear. Toss into dryer for 10 minutes. Give to child while they sleep.


6 Months and Up Only


1-2 drops of Clove

1-2 drops of Thieves

1-2 drops of Melaleuca


1-2 drops of German Chamomile

Mix one to two drops of any of these oils with a teaspoon of carrier oil. Apply with a q-tip.


Diaper RashDiaper Rash

2 drops of Lavender


2 drops of Melaleuca

Mix drops of oil with a teaspoon of carrier oil. Clean and apply ointment at each diaper change.


Ear Infection

BasilEar Infection



This mixture needs to be a 1 to 10 ratio, one drop of oil for 10 teaspoons of carrier oil. Use one of these oils with your favorite carrier oil. Rub behind your child’s ear. A roller would be a great item to hold this mixture.


Fussiness, Calming, and Sleeping

LavenderFussines, Calming, and Sleeping

Roman Chamomile

1 drop of one of these oils mixed with 1 teaspoon of carrier oil. Massage mix on baby.







Apply two drops of each to the affected area.




Upset Tummy

Di-GizeUpset Tummy

1 drop of Di-Gize to 1 teaspoon carrier oil. Massage onto baby’s tummy.


Other Oils for Children

Tea Tree Oil : use on cuts, scraps, burns, bug bitesTea Tree

Lavender Oil: Calms, sunburns, and boosts immunityLavender

Peppermint Oil: Colic, Fevers, Headaches, Tummy ache, and Sinus CongestionPeppermint

Chamomile Oil: Colic, Ear Infections, and CalmRoman Chamomile

Rose Oil: Seasonal AllergiesRose

Eucalyptus Oil: Sinus Congestion and FeversEucalyptus Globulus

Sandalwood Oil: sore throat and trouble sleepingSandalwood

Citrus Oil (Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, etc…): small doses for energy, large doses for calm Citrus Oils

Frankincense Oil: Mild wounds and Sinus Infection Frankincense

Gentle Baby: Calms baby, relaxes baby, relieves colic, diaper rashGentle Baby


Disclosure: We are NOT providing medical advice. Always consult your physician for medical treatment. The advice shared in this page has not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it intended to replace proper medical help.

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Essential Oils: Allergies

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As Spring is approaching, so is Allergy season. For me personally, Spring time is the worst time of year for my allergies. The pollen, the fresh leaves, the flowers, and the worst of all…fresh cut grass! Spring time is absolutely horrible for my allergies. I spend most of the season congested, fighting sinus headaches, and the stuffy-runny nose. Most of my life I have seen an allergist for these horrible symptoms. I currently receive 3 weekly allergy injections and take a daily allergy medicine. And this is still not enough to beat those allergies. So I have started to look more at other alternatives. The biggest one I have found is essential oils for allergies. I am listing below some remedies that I have found to be helpful with those horrible allergies this time of year.

List of Oils:








Allergy Relief

3 drops of PeppermintAllergy Relief

3 drops of Lemon

3 drops of Lavender

You can rub them on you with a carrier oil or diffuse them.




Disclosure: We are NOT providing medical advice. Always consult your physician for medical treatment. The advice shared in this page has not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it intended to replace proper medical help.

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Essential Oils: Colds

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I have started using essential oils more for many different things. The biggest use for essential oils has been for illnesses. Rather than starting with cold medicine, I am researching ways to use essential oils and avoid the cold medicine. Today’s post is a list of essential oils and how they can help the cold symptoms.

List of Oils:




Eucalyptus Globulus

Eucalyptus Globulus

Oregano Oil
















Breathe Again

Breathe Again




Thieves Tea

1 cup of your favorite organic herbal tea or 1 cup of hot waterThieves Tea

1 drop of Thieves Essential Oil Blend

2-3 drops of Lemon Essential Oil

1 drop of Frankincense Essential Oil

1 drop of Peppermint Essential Oil

You can drink this as often as you need to naturally support your immune system to fight cold and flu symptoms. This is not recommended for use with children.



Nighttime Cough

Rub 3 drops of Cypress oil mixed with a carrier oil on your chest, throat, or feet.Cypress_1

*It is recommended to apply any oil with a carrier oil, diluting the amount of oil onto your skin. Remember that your skin will absorb anything put on it.



Dry Cough

You can inhale, diffuse, or apply on your chest these oils together for a dry cough.

1 drop of Eucalyptus radiata oilDry Cough

1 drop of Lavender oil

1 drop of Thyme oil




Mucus Cough

You can inhale, diffuse, or apply on your chest these oils together for a mucus cough.

1 drop of Eucalyptus radiata oil Mucus Cough

1 drop of Thyme oil

1 drop of Melaleuca alternifolia





Rub any or all of these oils on your chest and feet to help with a cough. Make sure you dilute with a carrier oil such as olive or coconut oil first.

1 drop peppermint oil Cough

1 drop R.C. oil

1 drop Lemon Oil

Carrier Oil




Beat a Cold

2 drops of Purification rubbed on your throat Beat A Cold

1 drop of Thieves rubbed on the bottom of each foot

2-3 drops of R.C. oil on your chest

Repeat every hour.

Drink lots of fluids and rest as much as possible.




Upper Respiratory “Antibiotic”

10 drops of Thieves

5 drops of Oregano Oil

2 drops of Eucalyptus GlobulusUpper Respiratory Antibiotic

Put in size 00 capsule and take 3 times per day.

*I would take this with caution. These are not FDA approved cures for illness so please be careful when ingesting.




Disclosure: We are NOT providing medical advice. Always consult your physician for medical treatment. The advice shared in this page has not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it intended to replace proper medical help.

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Stitch Fix: March 2016

I received March’s Stitch Fix on Monday. I was so excited about this fix because I had requested a dress to wear for a wedding I am attending this next weekend. I was also hoping for some nice tops I could wear when we went out. So when the Stitch Fix box arrived on my porch, I was so excited to open it and see what I got this month. image2 (15)

image1 (9)

Item # 1: Collective Concepts Katelynn Printed Dress. $78

Katelyn Printed Dress


This dress was conservative and a little loose. The material was light and perfect for spring or summer. You can wear this dress with heals or nice sandals. It would look good by itself or with a sweater or denim jacket.

This dress gave me mixed feelings. I loved the style of it, hated the print. I chose not to keep this fix.

Item # 2: Le Lis Maude Floral Dress $78

Maude Floral Dress

I am wearing a sports bra in this picture. The dress comes down into a v in the back.

The dress is a warmer material. This dress would look good with heals. It would look good with a sweater or by itself.

I have to be very blunt about this stitch fix. I HATED this dress!. The material reminded me of old rough curtain material. It was itchy. I did not like this dress at all. I chose to send this dress back.

Item # 3: Mavi Angie Skinny Jean $88

Angie Skinny Jean

I am wearing the jean with the next fix item. I liked these jeans, so I chose to keep them. They fit tight but they are the capris or cropped pant that I was hoping for.

Item # 4: Daniel Rainn Dacey Crochet Panel Knit Top $68


This item was not at all what I would wear. I do not like how it fit or the crochet top. I do not like crochet on clothing so I didn’t like the top.  I definitely am sending this one back.

This is me wearing the knit top and the capris jean.

Item #5: Bancroft Winona Crystal Medallion Necklace $32

Another blunt moment. I hated this necklace! I would never pick this necklace. Another item going back.

So that means I am keeping the Angie Skinny Jean and returning the other four items. This Stitch Fix box was disappointing. I was really excited to try on the items this month but only liked one item. There was nothing that I loved in this box. But I am not giving up. I am hopeful for the next box in April.

Note for Stylist: 

I did not like the two dresses. The Maude Floral Dress is not an item I would wear. I did not like the fit or material. I liked the style of Katelynn Printed Dress but hated the floral print. I do not like crochet so I did not like the way the Dacey Crochet top fit. The necklace was also not something I would like to wear. I did like the jean but in the future would prefer trying something other than skinny jean. Please look at my pinterest clothes folder to see items that I like.

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Mason Two Months

Mason turned two months old on March 8th. I have only blinked and my baby boy is two months old. These past two months have been so busy and a bit hectic. Here is a recap of our second month.

Recap since 1 month

We celebrated Valentine’s this month. This holiday was spent with our three children. On February 28, Mason was admitted to the hospital. He spent 4 days in the hospital. You can read about it here at Winter Season…Sickness…I’m Over It.

Mason had his two month check up with our pediatrician on March 8th. He received his two month shots. He did not like these. This was the first time I had seen him get shots and it was hard for me to watch. He got three shots plus the serum vaccine.

Watch Him Grow

Mason was 8 lbs 2 oz at birth. You can see his past month measurements here at Mason One Month. Here are his current measurements:

Weight: 12 lbs

Height: 22.4 inches

Mason is in the 75th percentile for height and weight. It’s fair to say that he is a healthy, chunky boy!

What He Can Do

Mason can roll over from his tummy to his back. He can also roll from his side to his back.

Mason loves to laugh and babble. He mimics our facial expressions.

He loves his big sisters. Tummy time is not his favorite thing, he prefers to sit up and look around at everything.


During this second month Mason has been on the same schedule as his first month. We are working on the next transition.

7:00 AM – He wakes up. I change him and get him dressed for the day. Then I feed him. He usually eats about 3 1/2 oz or nurses for 20+ minutes. From here he is awake for about an Becoming A Babywise Momhour and a half to two hours. During this time we are usually taking the girls to school, running errands or heading to bible study. If we are home, he plays on his tummy and on his back, rotating every 15 minutes or so. He gets bored on his tummy for too long or will fall asleep. About 8:30 he will fall asleep for a quick nap.

9:30 AM – I wake him up from his nap. Yes I wake a sleeping baby to keep him on his schedule. I change his diaper and then he eats about 3 1/2 oz or nurses for 20 minutes. He usually stays away about 1 hour and then falls asleep for an hour and a half. I put him in his bed for this nap.

12:30 PM – I wake him from his nap again. I change his diaper, and then he eats about 4 oz or nurses for 30 minutes. This time he is back to sleep as soon as he finishes eating. He naps the entire time. During this time we have to leave to pick up the girls and return just before his next feeding time.

3:00 PM – I wake him from his nap to change his diaper and feed him. He eats about 3 1/2 oz or nurses 20 minutes. He is usually awake about an hour after this feeding time. During that time he will have tummy time and individual play time.

5:30 PM – If he has had a nap, I wake him and change him. Then I feed him 3 1/2 oz or nurse him 30 minutes. He again stays awake for about an hour after this feeding. During this time I am cooking dinner so he gets tummy time, time in the swing, or snuggle time with Joel.

7:30 PM – This is bath time for him. I schedule his bath time just before a feeding time as it usually wakes him up and he is hungry during this time. If I feed him before the bath, he will spit it up during the bath. I learned that lesson with the girls.

8:00 PM – He is usually awake for this feed because of his bath time. I nurse him for about 30 minutes before putting him to bed around 8:30 PM.

12:00 AM – I get him up for his dream feed. This is a quiet time where the lights are dimmed and I do not talk or play with him. This feed is quiet because he needs to return to sleep as soon as he is done eating. At this feeding time he eats 4 oz or 30 minutes. Allowing him to eat an extra ounce will get him to sleep longer before the next feeding. As soon as he finishes, he returns to bed.

5:00 AM – I will get him up for a middle of the night feeding. Again this is a quiet time just like before so that he will go back to sleep. He eats 2 oz or nurses for 10 minutes. He returns to bed as soon as he is finished.

With this schedule, Joel and I are able to get 5 hours of sleep in between feeding times. Joel helps me with the midnight feeding to let me sleep a little longer. It’s not much longer as I have to pump at that feeding.

Mason will have his next transition around 8-10 weeks which will remove the middle of the night feeding which will promote a longer time between night feedings while still allowing him to eat 8 times a day. Over the next few weeks, we will transition that 5:00 AM feeding pushing it an hour each week. This will allow him to learn how to stretch his feeding times. We had him further along but the hospital stay set us back a few weeks.

Mason’s next schedule should be the following:

7 AM – wake and feed
9:30 AM – wake and feed
12:00 PM – wake and feed
3:00 PM – wake and feed
5:30 PM – wake and feed
8:00 PM – feed & bedtime
11:00 PM – dream-feed

This drops the middle of the night feed.

Two Month Photos

Mason 2 Months oldDSCN5373DSCN5375DSCN5367

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Winter Season…Sickness…I’m Over It

As many winters go with small children, we have had a few illnesses. Mostly it has been the stuffy or runny nose or strep throat for this season. Nothing major.

This past week and a half Bailey started to become really fussy. She whined and cried about everything. She started running a fever Monday and Tuesday. The fever would come and go so I didn’t rush her to the pediatrician. By Wednesday morning she had a runny/congested nose and a cough. I knew at this point it had to be either the flu or strep throat again. (She had strep throat at the end of January).

During this time, Brooke had also developed a slight cough and runny nose. Hers was mild, she was not fussy, and there was no fever. With Brooke having these symptoms too, we knew we needed to take them to the pediatrician. We set up an appointment that afternoon, leaving Mason with Joel to avoid the other sick children and keep him from getting sick. They tested positive for strep throat.

She gave the girls a prescription for the strep. Before we left she told me that babies do not get strep throat so I shouldn’t be concerned about Mason catching it. What we did not know was that the girls had a respiratory virus that was along with the strep throat.


Friday morning

Mason woke me up at his 4 am feeding but this time instead of just crying, he was coughing. It shocked me to hear him cough at all. I went ahead and fed him and put him back down to sleep. The next cough came at 5 am. Then again at 6 am. He was coughing once every hour. I was concerned that he had a cough but it was only once an hour so I did not call the pediatrician first thing in the morning.

Around 12:30 he started coughing more. These coughs were stronger and deeper. I waited until the pediatrician opened from lunch to call. By this time he sounded congested. They found a spot for us with the nurse practioner that afternoon. The nurse practioner said that it was probably a cold but gave us signs to look for. These signs were nasal flaring, retracting in his throat and chest. We watched Mason all night Friday and all day Saturday for those signs. He still had a congested cough.


Sunday Morning

Mason woke up at 7 am like usual. Joel got up to change him and get him dressed. He immediately called me into Mason’s room. Mason was retracting in his chest and throat. He also had nasal flaring. Our sweet boy was working really hard to breath. I called the pediatrician to talk to the on-call doctor, just as we were instructed to do.

She told us to take Mason to the ermergency room right away. I hung up with her and rushed around the house to get Mason and I ready and out the door. I did not wait long at the emergency room. They had us checked in and back to a room within 10 minutes. After checking his vitals, temperature, and asking us questions, they swabbed for RSV. They then drew blood and a chest x-ray. Mason’s x-ray was clear but the RSV test came back positive. They gave him a breathing treatment and were planning to send us home with a prescription for Albuterol when Mason’s oxygen levels dropped.

As he was sleeping, his oxygen level dropped into the 80’s. The doctor was in the room telling us what to do at home when the machines started beeping at us. He stopped mid-sentence and said, “you are not going home, we are admitting you.”

The expectation was to be observed over night and receive breathing treatments to help clear up the RSV. Sunday night he did really good. His oxygen levels stayed around 95. He slept really well, even though Joel and I did not. Around 5 am his levels dropped, but we found out it was a sensor issue. (He was moving too much).

Mason was doing really well that morning and we thougth he would be going home until around noon. His levels went from 95 to 85. From this point they would drop down for about a minute or two and then bounce back up to 95. It was stay around 95 for a few minutes, then drop back down. This continued for well over an hour. The doctor came in the room around 2 pm and told me that Mason would not be going home. She said he needed to be observed for another night. She was concerned, as I, that he would crash at home and not have the support he needed.

That night was hard. Mason would be fine during awake times but as he slept, he would drop into the 85 range. He was still retracting pretty hard. I watched his machine all night, sleeping an hour at a time. Around 2 am Mason had a horrible coughing fit. It was minutes after eating so he vomited everything he had just eaten. I immediately paged for a nurse to come help me. Once we got him cleaned up, she listened to his chest. He was wheezing really bad. She was concerned so she called the respiratory therapist and doctor in. They also listened to him and were concerned that he had aspirated. The doctor changed directives to have him on breathing treatments every hour for three hours. If he still sounded wheezy, they were going to do a chest x-ray and start antibiotics. The concern was that he had stomach bile in his lungs. At this point I was scared to death. In the split second it took me to get to him, he could have aspirated!

The next three hours I stayed awake listening to him get his treatments and listen to his breathing. After the 4 am breathing threatment the doctor came in to listen to his lungs again. She told me that Mason’s lungs sounded better, he was no longer wheezing. So they were not going to do the chest x-ray or start antibiotics.  He did not need them. This was a huge relief.

The next few hours were quiet. His levels stayed 92 and up. When the day doctor came in, she told me that Mason needed to stay another night because of the issue in the middle of the night. I understood and did not really want him to go either. Once again, Tuesday night we had another coughing fit issue. He vomited again. This happened again mid-morning Wednesday. The doctor on Wednesday told me that Mason was okay to go home but he could tell I was worried. I explained to him that I was worried about the vomiting but also that Mason had slowed down on how long he was nursing. He went from 20+ minutes to 5 minutes total. I felt like he was not getting enough and may become dehydrated. The doctor told me that they would observe Mason another night.

Mason did good that night. He started eating a little more. By Thursday morning he was eating better, not the way he was before but it was better. I was ready to go home. The doctor told me he was discharging Mason around 11 am. He also discharged many other patients that day so it took until 2 pm to get released.

We got home around 2:30. I was so relieved to get home. Joel was home with the girls around 3 pm. They were so excited to see us. As much as I was relieved to be at the house, Mason was just as relieved. His whole demeanor changed after we got home. He was awake for hours that afternoon and was full of smiles. He had missed being at home around his family and needed to be home.

We had scheduled a follow up appointment for Friday morning with our pediatrician. By this appointment Mason sounded a lot better. His congestion was almost gone, he no longer had a fever, and he was coughing far less. The doctor told me that Mason’s RSV resembled a small cold. She also told me that RSV had a 10 day contagious period. Mason was on day 8 so he only had two more days of contagiousness. Yay!

RSV is known for lingering a cough for weeks after having it. So we were told to expect the cough to stick around.

This past week has been exhausting and I must say that I am over all these winter sicknesses.

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