Registering For Baby # 3: What I need after having twins

I registered for my twins 3 1/2 years ago. When registering for twins I picked two of so many things. Two cribs, two high chairs, two boppys, etc… We needed double the clothes with twins as well. Especially in those first few months. When having twins, there is so much stuff that is useful.

So registering for baby #3 seemed like a breeze. Honestly, if this baby had been another girl, I wouldn’t have registered at all. Baby #3 is a boy so I have registered again. This time it is mainly for the following things.¬†

#1 Clothes
I have two girls at home, so only colors of pink and purple for clothing are in my house. A few of their newborn onesies were white and gender neutral. Everything else was as girly as can be. ūüôā Having a boy this time, we need clothes. So my registry includes clothes from 0-12 months based on the season it will be in that size. Although I am fine with people picking out their own outfits, I wanted to give ideas of what I was looking for.¬†
#2 Bath Stuff
I still have two bath tubs from the girls. I stuck with gender neutral when I had them so the baby bath tubs work fine. But I need more bath soaps and wash clothes. I still have some gender neutral bath towels but all of the wash clothes wore out after we used them with the girls. 
#3 Stroller
This one is not a registry item that Joel wanted us to register for. At one time I had four double strollers in my garage. We don’t have that many now but like I said they are all double strollers. I registered this time for a single frame stroller. That way I can carry his carrier in the stroller and still manage the girls. I wanted a sit and stand stroller and loved one that a friend had several years ago but they no longer make that kind. She also no longer has that stroller so we can’t borrow it.¬†
#4 Bedding
All of my nursery bedding is lavender, not a color I want for my little boy. So bedding is something that I needed on my registry list this time. I have discovered what exactly works best for us from the last time we had a nursery. With the girls I had sheets, blankets, and a crib converter. Well the girls didn’t use the converter until after they were in toddler beds which was just before they turned two. So this time around I have decided to wait on the converter and stick with sheets and crochet blankets.¬†
#5 Miscellaneous
I have swaddlers in boy colors listed because all of the ones we have our pink and purple. Receiving blankets for boys, bibs, etc… I also included a few items that I had with the girls but need to be replaced due to age or being lost or broken. This category is also for the new things that I have found since I had the girls. Like the moby wraps and teething necklaces.¬†
I have a much smaller registry this time around. I think the last registry included over 200 items. This time 90% of my items are clothing. It was very important for me to register for neutral things the first pregnancy so most of my items are still useful now. If you are registering for your first child(ren), keep the big items gender neutral if you plan to have more.

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Crafty Things: Teething Crib Rail

DIY Teething Rail

Something that I learned from the girls was that we needed a crib rail protector. Bailey loved chewing on the bed rail once she was able to stand. Her bed now has scraps all in the top rail because of her teething and chewing.

Now that we have another baby on the way, I wanted to prevent this from happening and make teething crib rails. I found these instructions here at August Joy Studios.

To prepare for the bumpers I purchased the following items:

  • 3 yards of gray and white chevron material
  • 2 rolls of navy blue ribbon
  • 2 packages navy blue binding strips
  • batting

Step 1:

I measured the three sides of the cribs that would need the teething rails. The two side rails are measuring 29 inches each and the long side is 55 inches. I added an inch to each side for folding and sewing a seam.

Step 2:

I cut the fabric in the following sizes:

– 30 inches by 7 inches (4 pieces)
– 56 inches by 7 inches (2 pieces)

Step 3:

I pinned the fabric pieces with a 1/2 inch seam. Then stitched the seam with my sewing machine. The original directions skipped this step but I believe it helps reinforce the material by completing this step.

Step 4:

I cut the binding material and stitched it to my border of the previously sewn fabric, only on one side of the measured material. (There are two pieces per measured side of the crib. An under and top side).

Then I cut the ribbon into 6 inch strips. I then pinned each ribbon to the fabric that I previously had sewn 6 inches apart. I stitched the ribbon to the fabric. Make sure that the ribbon pieces match the same spot on each side of the material.

Step 5:

This is where I sewed the two teething rail pieces together. The batting is placed on the inside of the material.  The pieces need to be with the print out to stitch them together. Once it is already, I sew the material pieces together.

The teething crib rail is now complete and is on the baby bed.


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Back at Mother’s Day Out And Back to Mommy Alone Time!

September Marks The Start of A New Year
The girls started back at Mother’s Day Out last Tuesday. After four long months of being home, they were back in their normal routine. I am honeslty not sure who was happier, them or me. This year’s first day was not like last year. Last year I felt sad because this was the first time they had been away from me. This year I was excited and so relieved to have them back in their program. It truly is good for both them and I. As we pulled up to their school Brooke shouted, “Mommy you found my school, you found it!” I guess she thought the school was lost since they had not been in so long.

This year they start pre-k 3. It’s the first official year of pre-k where they have a weekly curriculum. They go through the alphabet and have activities each week that correspond with each letter. For example, this week they started with the letter N. Their snack, activities, science class, songs, etc… are all about the letter N. As I picked them up this afternoon, they were singing abou tthe letter N. I love that they are learning so much. It is absolutely a wonderful program!

What Mommy Did While The Girls Were Away
My first day away from them was spent running much needed errands and working on organizing their clothes. I am about to sell their fall/winter clothes that they have outgrown at a local consignment show. They come out twice a year to allow consigners to sell clothes and for people to be able to shop for good clothes as well. They only accept good clothes, no stained or worn clothing. It also allows parents to sell their children’s clothing at a fair price instead of selling at a garage sale for low prices. So the past week I have been working on pricing the items and preparing them for the sale. I will drop them off next Thursday so I want to get them all together this weekend ¬†and ready to drop off. I officially finished pricing and organizing them today. YAY!

On top of sorting through clothing, and running errands, Joel and I had our first lunch date in four months. We used to go to lunch every two weeks to once a month while they were in Mother’s Day Out. It is something that we both missed. So Tuesday we had our first one of the school year. I guess we need to enjoy that time now while we can because our baby boy will be here in four months.

The rest of this week has been getting things situated around the house. I started putting away baby boy’s clothing that we have already received. Once all of their old clothes are out of his room we can start setting up his room for him.

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Top 10 Moms of Multiples Bloggers

Top 10 Multiple Mommy Bloggers.png

After 3 years of blogging about my twin girls, I have a few favorite mommy blogs that are just about multiples. These are people just like you and me, who are raising multiples. They could have twins, triplets, or more.

1. Coco’s Daughter – This blog is about a mom raising her twins. She shares stories of her twins, recipes that she makes for her family, diy projects she has completed, and more. Reading her blog is often comical as we all experience those twin moments.

2. The Kenny Family – This blog is about a family with twin boys. This blog is fun for me to read as it’s the opposite of what I have. I think it’s interesting to read what life is like with twin boys opposed to my twin girls. This blog is worth reading as you raise your twins.

3. Four to Adore – Four to Adore is about a family with quads. That’s right, four babies! I find her blog interesting because it tells what life is like raising higher up multiples. This is something that I do not think I personally could do and find it amazing each person that can. She talks about how they raise their quads and all the little other things that life throws at you.

4. Life and Love, Multiplied РThis blog talks about her experience going from newlyweds to instant parents. Not only instant parents but of twins. She writes about her journey through pregnancy and now raising her twin girls.

5. Life with Quads – This is a blog about raising quads. This blog is a little ahead of where I am with my girls. Her quads are teenagers now. She shares the experiences that are to come in the future for all new multiples moms.

6. How Do You Do It? – This is a blog with a group of moms with multiples who have come together to share their stories. This blog has so many different types of moms but they all have wonderful stories and experiences to share. This is a great blog for moms looking for advice or reassurance.

7. Twiniversity РThis blog is a group of parent twin bloggers that share their stories of raising twins. Like How Do You Do It, this blog is a wonderful resource for moms of multiples looking for other stories and advice.

8. Multiples and More РThis is a blog that I have found recently for moms of multiples. I have not read too many blog posts on here but the ones I have read are really wonderful.

9. The Twin Coach РThis blog is about raising twins. Her blog has a lot of resources for twin moms. She offers advice and tips on raising twins.

10. Mandy with Multiples РThis blog is about a mother with boy/girl fraternal twins. This is also different from what I have but seems to be a more common pairing. I like reading her blog because of the stories and experiences that she has raising her boy/girl twins.

This is just a little sneak peek about these blogs that I have found wonderful resources. These are not parenting expertise bloggers, they are moms just like you and me that share their life stories. I like to read blogs like these because they are real, they share their ups and downs. When I need that extra boost on the long days, these are the types of blogs I like to read that help give me the inspiration to keep going. These are wonderful mothers of multiples, living life the best way they can. ūüôā

**These are my favorite blogs to go to. This was not taken from another list on the internet. Most of the blogs can be found on Top Mommy Blogs.

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Birthday Party Recap

The girls had their 3rd birthday party this past weekend. They had so much fun at their party. We invited some friends from school and around the neighborhood plus family.

We chose a princess party theme because the girls love princesses. We had princess posters and a princess photo wall for them to take pictures. There were pink, purple, and white balloons around the yard. The girls loved the decorations.

We rented a large water slide, around 15 feet tall, for their party. Thankfully both Joel’s mom and my mom were able to help with the slide because the children could not climb all the way up without support. Either my mom or my mother in law was up at the top of the slide helping children for about 3 hours of the party. I could not physically climb up there and help children being 5 months pregnant. Joel would ride down the slide with some of the children that were afraid to go down by themselves. The kids had a blast and spent most of their time on the water slide.

We had fruit, veggie, and meat trays available for snacking. Instead of a cake, I had the bakery make a cupcake cake in the shape of a dress. I added a crown and wand to the cake.

This was my inspiration.

Their party was a big success and they had a blast. They were still talking about it this morning as I dropped them off at school.

**Stay tuned for their back to school post. 

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Baby # 3 Update: 5 Months

Today’s Date: August 29, 2015                 Due Date: Saturday, January 9, 2016
How far along: 21 weeks
Total weight gain: A few pounds, not much though
Maternity clothes: I am wearing maternity clothes for the stretchy comfort of the shorts. No maternity shirts yet as my normal clothes still fit. My normal clothes at this time are maternity or stretchy shorts, and yoga pants. 
Stretch marks: None at this time
Sleep:¬†It varies. Some nights I sleep well and others I can’t hardly sleep.¬†
Best moment of this week/month: Seeing him again was really exciting. Sharing that moment with Joel and the girls made it all the more special. I also have started prepartion in his room by converting toddler bed back to the crib and breaking down the other to put in storage. It was also another good transition for the girls to prepare for him. Since we have their big girl beds together in another room, our former guest room, they think they have two beds and two rooms. So seeing their old beds change, helps them see that the bedroom is no longer theirs but now getting ready for the baby. 
Miss anything:¬†Nap time. The girls have quit nap time for the most part so I do not get that time to rest or have “me time”. It’s making me exhausted faster.¬†
Movement:¬†Small periodic movements. I don’t feel him move very much but I have felt him move. It’s mostly pushing feelings, like he is stretching out really far or maybe kicking really hard. I’m hoping over the next month I will be able to feel him a lot more.¬†
Food cravings: Nothing really. I get a hungry sensation and just have to eat. I still only eat 3 meals a day with the occassional snack. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing at this time. 
Have you started to show yet: Yes I am showing. 
Gender: Boy
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding rings on or off: On
Happy or moody most of the time: Half and half, depends on the day
Looking forward to:¬†The girls’ birthday party this weekend and seeing family.¬†

The girls and I went to a regular OB appointment on August 12th. Baby’s heartbeat is nice and strong. The girls went with me because Joel had to work and wasn’t able to watch them. This was the first time they heard his heartbeat. The next day I saw my Nephrologist for the first time while pregnant. It looks like I will be seeing him montly until this little guy is here for precautionary reasons. You can read more about my kidney disease in my post¬†Pregnancy and A Kidney Disease. At this point in my pregnancy, my kidneys are still functioning as normal but my doctor will be watching very closely to make sure that I stay in remission and do not have any complications.¬†

On August 27th we went for the sonogram as a whole family. It was good to go and see him again. This was a first for the girls, getting to see their brother on the “tv” screen in the sonogram room. We figured they would be in awe about the baby on the screen but things went quite different. As we walked into the room, Brooke immediately asked where the baby was. They were looking all over the room. They were confused and thought that the baby was already there at the doctor’s office waiting on us. Once we explained that the baby was still in my tummy and that we were going to see pictures of him on the screen, they settled down and waited to see what was going to happen. I had tried to explain the next process to them earlier in the day but they still did not understand. I laid on the table as the lady checked the baby. She confirmed that the baby is in fact a boy and that he is healthy, growing as he should. When we finished the full sonogram, I sat up and went to get up off the table and both girls came over to make sure I was okay. They both said, “Mommy you are okay? Were you sick?” It made me realize then that they were scared from mommy laying on the table. Although I was talking to them and helping explain what was going on, they were still scared that something was wrong with Mommy. It was cute and sweet, and definitely confusing for them. After I was sitting up and waiting on the doctor, they couldn’t stop talking about baby brother. So I could tell they were excited.¬†

Weekly Pictures

18 weeks: Baby is the size of a bell pepper. 
19 weeks: Baby is the size of a heirloom tomato. 
20 weeks: Baby is the size of a small cantaloupe. 
21 weeks: Baby is the size of a banana. 

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3rd Birthday!

Yesterday was the girls’ 3rd birthday! I hurried in the morning to get ready and set up the living room for their birthday surprise. We agreed to allow them to open one gift each for their birthday, the rest would wait until their party this weekend.

After getting ready and setting up the living room, Joel and I hurried into their room to wish them happy birthday. They were both sound asleep but really excited when we came in and woke them. Bailey took a little longer to come around as she usually does. Brooke was up immediately and very excited. We got them dressed and sent them into the living room where they had their birthday roses, gifts, and birthday cinnamon rolls waiting for them. They were so excited about the cinnamon rolls they didn’t even notice the presents. We had to redirect them to the coffee table so that Joel could see them open the gifts before leaving for work.

The girls opened their backpacks for school. We had backpacks monogramed for them as this is their first year of Pre-K. So I wanted them to have their own backpack instead of sharing a bag like we did in the past year. The girls were so excited to find that they had their own backpacks. Both of them put them on immediately with big smiles. It truly is the little things that please them these days.

These were purchased on 

We also had them open cards from their grandparents. They absolutely loved the cards. Cards have been something that the girls have enjoyed receiving over the past year. Each time they receive a card they will hug it and tell me about the card and who it was from. It’s so cute!

The rest of the day they talked about their birthday party. They would tell me who was coming to their party. They don’t realize that it’s still a few days away. They are still excited!

Now mommy, on the other hand, is ready for it to be over. Planning a party amongst the million other things I have on my plate while being pregnant is exhausting. I will write about the birthday party after it happens this weekend.

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