Bible Study Lesson 12: Love God

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This is our final week of Summer Bible Study. This week is about Loving God. This is a very important lesson for children to learn and always remember. The story this week is A Dream of Heaven. This week’s activity is singing a song together. You can download this week’s lesson here Lesson 12: Loving God.


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How I Am Making Their Birthday Special Without Elaborate Decorations

The girls are turning 3 at the end of this month, so it’s time for planning their birthday party. Their party is different this year because it’s a combination of friends from school and family. We have never had friends at their parties before so it will be a first. Originally I had planned to do two seperate parties but chose to combine them a few weeks ago. It will be easier to have one party this year. Plus, we are having their party on Labor Day Weekend and I know that many families in our area travel for that last weekend of the summer. At this point, I am not sure how many friends will be there for their party.


With this being a combined party, I chose to rent a water slide for everyone to enjoy. Children and Adults can ride the water slide, especially with these 100 degree temperatures we have had.

This year I chose to decorate a lot less than normal. After a long debate and several trips to the party store to look at themes, we settled on a princess theme. Instead of buying tons of wall and table decorations, I have settled on a wall decoration and a banner. I also avoided themed plates and cups because after the party you end up with left overs that you can’t find a time to use. So it becomes a waste. I chose to use solid colors for plates, napkins, and cups. The colors go with the theme and are something that I could reuse at a future party. I am using princess theme for goody bags for the kids. That seemed like something that would be fun for them to have. Another idea I recently found was to use solid color goody bags that I found at Target. I am thinking about getting a few of those for the boys that will be joining us for the party.

I had thought about buying a cake that was in the shape of a princess or had princesses all over it. To tell you the truth, I don’t like how the frosting usually tastes on cakes like that and it seemed like a huge expense when you can go do something for less the price. So this year we are doing cupcakes that are set up in the design of a princess dress. I will add a tiara and wand to make the dresses look nice. Here is an example of what I am doing.

Princess cupcake cake: I will be rotating pink and purple on this dress to make sure it mets both girls expectations. 

The biggest expense for this year’s party will be the water slide. This is something we could have done without but I wanted to have something fun for every one. Plus it has been really hot here and I think it would be nice to have a big water attraction for the little ones.

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Big Girl Room

The first “getting ready for baby” to do list was to transition the girls to their new beds in their new room. We own a three bedroom house so we took apart our guest bedroom to transform it into the girls’ new room. We left the room the tan color it was because we recently painted about 6 months ago. Plus the girls would never decided what color to paint the walls.

The next part on getting the room ready was to build the beds. We used the floor plans from We made the girls farmhouse beds. Here are a few pictures of them as we were putting them together.

After the beds were put in their rooms, we put their mattresses on with their new sheets they had picked out. Bailey wanted pink and Brooke wanted purple. This seemed like it was going to be a task to put together because Brooke loved buterfly themes and Bailey wanted horses. I had some butterflies from their nursery still so I knew I could do that but I had no idea how to incorporate horses. As I added their current decor to their new room’s walls, I figured out my way to incorporate the horses. Each girl had a measuring chart on the wall that was a princess theme. There were horses, butterflies, carriages, and castles on the measuring chart. So I no longer needed to find a way to incorporate the horses, they were already in their room.

The final thing that we did to finish their room was to upgrade their dresser. Originally the girls shared a small four drawer dresser. I really did not care for this dresser because the drawers never stayed in and they were constantly frustrated trying to get clothes out. Not to mention, they really needed more drawer space. Well we had an extra dresser that was a dark brown. I had Joel paint it white to match the rest of their furniture in their room. This was the last piece to add to their room.

Here are the final product pictures of their room.

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Baby # 3 Update: 4 Months

Today’s Date: August 1, 2015                              Due Date Saturday January 9, 2016
How far along: 17 weeks
Total weight gain: Small amount (not wanting to share)
Maternity clothes: No but my clothes are feeling tighter. I have started to use my belly belts and belly bands again. 
Stretch marks: No stretch marks
Sleep: I am having a lot of weird dreams. I am waking up at least twice in the night. I am certainly wishing I was getting more sleep.
Best moment of this week: Feeling the baby move. It’s not everyday but I do feel little flutters and scratching every once in a while. 
Miss anything: Sandwiches, I am really craving a sandwich and get quite jealous that everyone else can eat one. 
Movement: See above
Food cravings: It’s random things that will pop in my head. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not now that morning sickness is gone
Have you started to show yet: Yes I have a bump in front. Some days it looks bigger than others but I think that’s just excess fluids. 
Gender: It’s a Boy!
Labor signs: None
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding rings on or off: On 
Happy or moody most of the time: Moody at times, but I am home with almost 3 year old twins
Looking forward to: Our next ultrasound this month. We are taking the girls with us so they will get to see the baby for the first time. They are also very excited. Although Bailey is still convinced it’s a girl and not a boy. She is not happy about the thought of something not being pink in our house. 

Other updates: We are transitioning the girls’ room from the small nursery room to the bigger bedroom which means we had to take down our guest bedroom. So there are many changes coming to our house besides a new baby. I’m hoping to have the girls in their new room within the next month to two months so that they have time to adjust before he comes. If anyone has any tips on adjusting children to a new room, new baby, all these changes; please share. I am very interested to hear what to expect and tips that might help. 

Monthly Pictures
14 weeks: Baby is size of a lemon!
15 weeks: Baby is the size of an apple.
16 weeks: Baby is the size of an avocado.

17 weeks: Baby is the size of a turnip.
 As you can see in the variations of the weeks, my belly changes quite a lot. It depends on the time of day and whether or not I have eaten. 
Upcoming: I will have an appointment to hear the heartbeat Aug. 12 and then have my sonogram Aug. 27. The girls and Joel will be with me for the sonogram. 

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Bible Study Lesson 10: Family

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This week’s lesson is about Family. This week can have so many different activities, just make it special for you and your family. You can find this lesson here Lesson 10: Family.

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Pre-schooler Moment

I have a big pre-schooler moment that I had to share. (That’s right, I am officially a mommy of twin pre-schoolers and no longer toddlers). Back to what I wanted to share. At Christmas, Santa brought the girls leap pads. At first they were unsure about how to use the leap pads and there were not many apps that were appropriate for little ones. Over the last few months, the girls have finally reached an age that they can use the apps and can navigate the leap pad on their own. Now that they understand how to use the leap pads, they want to play on them all of the team. This has been a concern for Joel and I. We like that the leap pads are educational but neither one of us want the girls to be on them all of the time. So we limit the amount of time on the leap pads and only allow them to have them during certain times.

Well, the educational part of the leap pad has shown through this week. There is a leap pad app that talks about letters and their sounds. It sings songs and makes words with the letters, which teaches children about different sounds and combinations. Well this week, both girls started singing their abcs and including the letter sounds. “A says ah, B says buh…” They can go through the whole alphabet singing letters and sounds. Joel and I are both so happy to hear them learning something new and are happy to know that they are learning on their leap pads.

It’s very hard to believe that in a month they will be starting Pre-K 3. Hearing them sing this song lets me know that they are ready to start Pre-K. (Tear) As, I prepare for a new baby, my first two babies are growing up. It’s fun to watch and sad at the same time.

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