Weekend Review


This past weekend was a little less chaotic as the last weekend. We had one birthday party to attend this weekend. It was a little boy from their Mother’s Day Out class last year. He celebrated his birthday at a local gymnastics center. They had the kids jumping and bouncing all over the gymnastics center. The girls had a blast! That day was the first day in a while that both girls took a nap.

Joel worked in the backyard again that day. We have decided to fill in the concrete patio that the previous home owners left as rock gardens, which was actually dirt and a bunch of rocks they dumped in an area. It really was unsafe for the kids to walk on these rock gardens. So we decided to dig out the rocks and add concrete to the area. Joel had to break it into four sections to be able to pour the concrete and level it properly. On Saturday he was able to pour one section before the temperature got too hot outside that it really was unpleasant to be outside.


We started our normal routine with getting up and going to church Sunday morning. This has become a little bit of a stressful time as they have adjusted the times of services and have back to back services on Sunday mornings. It makes both the parking lot and children’s ministry very congested. Basically you have to hurry and get there so you can get your children into the ministry. Luckily we arrive early most mornings so we have been able to get them in. This past Sunday was the one before the first day of school. So everyone that had been missing church due to traveling, was back making it even more crowded. I’m hoping that it settles down as we enter the school year.

That afternoon, Joel poured another section of the concrete patio. He managed to get it set and was cleaning up when dark clouds rolled in. We were supposed to have a 20% chance of rain when we woke up that morning, which where we live means that it won’t rain at all, just get cloudy. Well all of a sudden we had 100% chance of rain and it was rolling in as he finished. Of course, wet concrete does not need to get saturated moments after being laid down. So, Joel and I were rushing to find anything to cover the concrete without ruining the hard work. Luckily we had a few tarps that we could use to cover the two sections. But it meant that no more concrete work, or yard work could be done that afternoon.

The rest of the afternoon and evening we watched the rain come down and relaxed inside the house as there was nothing else we needed or could do at that moment.

Next weekend plans

We have plans to finish the concrete either during the week or by next weekend. There are two small slabs left to pour. Hopefully they will not take long and we can get them in by Saturday. We have a few small things around the house that need touch ups and to be cleaned up before the girls party the following weekend. I’m hoping that we can finish up all current projects by next weekend, leaving the following week just to relax and enjoy the week. 

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The August Blues

Have you ever been so sick of summer that you are desperately ready for fall and for school to return? I’m going through that right now. I am dealing with the August blues.

I am so tired of these really high temperatures. Lately it has been above 100 degrees on a daily basis. The temperatures have not been below 80 at night in a few months. It’s hot all of the time, which makes it harder for me to sit outside with the girls and let them play with all of this heat. So I am ready for the cooler weather. We were very fortunate that yesterday a large cool front came in, cooling outside into the 70s for the first time since April. It was amazing playing outside last night and relaxing in the cooler weather. Today is heading right back into the warmer temperatures though so the cool front was just a tease for what is to come later. I am ready for it!

The major August blues that I am facing is the girls to return to school. They have been home since mid-May and are sick of being home. They are ready to return to their weekly activities as am I. These two girls have started fighting a lot, now that they are stuck with eachother and only each other on a daily basis. More arguments, tears, and drama have occurred this month than most of the summer. It’s really starting to wear on me in these last few weeks. Any of our extra curricular activites have stopped for the summer so we are waiting until the first week of September to return to bible study. Mother’s day out will start that following week, after Labor Day.

This is all coming at the beginning of my nesting stage for baby #3. I’m sure it’s pretty early to start nesting, but I have certainly entered into that stage. It started this past week with me wanting everything to get finished around the house. Poor Joel has had to complete a ton of honey do’s because I am pushing to have everything done. Part of this has started because the girls’ birthday party is in two weeks but the other part is so that we can start on working on the nursery.

I am definitly facing the August blues and am ready for September and beautiful fall weather.

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Pregnancy and a Kidney Disease

Pregnancy and a Kidney Disease, What those two together look like?
In December 2008 I was diagnosed IgA Nephropathy, an unfortunately common kidney disease. This disease causes your kidney’s to not function properly, instead of breaking down proteins and other things that it’s supposed to break down, the kidneys do not. They also allow those bad things to escape into other parts of the body which causes swelling and discomfort, among internal damages. This disease, if not addressed or undiagnosed, can cause life altering issues for a person. Mine was diagnosed fairly quickly and has been in remission since May 2009. Remission for a kidney disease patient means that you still have the disease but it is dormant. It can return at any time, even if a person is very careful. 
Pregnancy can be extremely hard on a woman with this kidney disease. During the first trimester of a normal pregnancy, blood pressure decreases and sodium water retention begins. Women with a kidney disease tend to have increases in proteinuria, protein spilling into urine causing increased swelling, even in the early stages of pregnancy. During the second and third trimesters, a normal pregnant woman will have a rise in blood pressure. For women with kidney disease, dangerous elevations of blood pressure and dramatic increases in proteinuria can increase. Basically, the pregnancy can cause the kidney disease to come out of remission or get out of control if not in remission. 
This can be harmful to the baby as well. The increased blood pressure can cause pre-eclampsia and preterm labor. So regular checks with the Nephrologist throughout the pregnancy is very important. You can see my progress and how kidney disease affects my pregnancy on my monthly updates.

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Essential Oils with Young Living: Thieves Antiseptic Spray

Thieves is an essential oil sold by Young Living. It is an antiseptic oil that has been recommended to help during cold and flu seasons to help kill viruses. Thieves Antiseptic spray is best used for door handles, toilet seats, or any other surfaces to protect from dust, mold, and other organisms bad for us.

My favorite way to use this spray is when we are out around town. I can clean a bathroom space or clean another area while we are out. I also like it for when we travel to help clean or disinfect hotel rooms before letting the girls stay in the room. I have found that when we travel, our kids come home sick so this is a good way to disinfect the room before letting them come in and play.

Other ways that people have used Thieves Spray:

  • To kill bugs off of plants
  • Can spray on your skin to disinfect and help prevent colds
  • Insect bites, spray on your skin for fast relief
  • Inside trash cans to remove bad odors
  • Spray thieves around you to repel flying bugs 
If you are interested in ordering Thieves Spray, please contact me about ordering. Also, if you would like to join my group and become a distributor for Young Living, sending me a message. Be sure to check out my Young Living Page for more information on Essential Oils. 

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Weekend Review

This past weekend was a busy weekend for us. Between our normal routines, landscaping, and birthday parties…we were pretty booked all weekend. 
We are working on our backyard to clean it up and get it ready for the girls party. We have this chain link fence that seperates part of the yard. The previous owner installed it to keep their dog out of his workshop area. It really does not serve much of a purpose for us but it’s more work to tear it down at this point. Anyways, it’s a complete eye sore along with the workshop behind it. So we planted a few bushes and ground plants this weekend in the flower bed right in front of it. The bushes are really small but are supposed to be fast growing so we are hoping that in the next year or so, we will see larger bushes that can hide the fence behind it. 
Party # 1
My cousin and his family live out here by us. Their son turned 1 last week so we celebrated his 1st birthday this past weekend. It was one of the really hot days we have had this past month, so having a splash pool for the kids worked out great. The adults were able to stay cool under the patio with misters. After a few hours of celebrating with family this sweet baby’s first birthday the girls and I headed home. 
Saturday Night
Joel worked on the backyard and spent time catching up with an old friend while we were at the party. I’m really no help to him in this heat and being pregnant so it was easier for him to just work on his own. His friend came over for dinner and we all sat around talking for a little while after. It’s the first time we have had people over in a little while so it was nice. 
Party #2
The second party of the weekend was some friends from their mother’s day out class. They are the other set of twin girls in the class. Their party was at a local country club that has a splash pad and kiddie pool. The girls had a blast. Bailey was terrified to go up on the splash pad because the water was splashing in her face. Brooke did not care about the water. She paired up with a boy from their class. The two of them went down that slide about 100 times. Bailey preferred the kiddie pool. We enjoyed two hours of playing in the sun before heading back home. Joel came with us to this party which was nice because part of the time one girl was in the splash pad and the other was in the kiddie pool. The girls were not happy with us to leave but it was already late and I was burnt. (Oops, I didn’t put sunscreen on myself.) 

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Back To School Preparation

It’s now August and the girls return to school in September. Back to school shopping is going on all around us. This is how we prepare for school.

School Supplies
Luckily we do not have to buy the supplies yet for school. The girls’ school has a supply fee that allows them to purchase the items needed for the classrooms. That takes the additional pressure off of this mama. We still have the nap mats from last year as well as their lunch boxes and backpack. Since they only go twice a week there is no need for all new stuff.

I feel that I really lucked out on when their birthday is because it falls right around the time school starts. Family love to buy clothes for birthdays so this really helps out with school starting. I usually get a wide variety of clothes that will let the girls start school and enter into the cooler months. I typically won’t start clothes shopping until October or November for them, which really turns into Christmas gifts. During the summer, I try to keep the good summer clothes seperate and we don’t play outside in them to keep them nice for school.

Meet The Teacher
Every year we have a meet the teacher the week before the girls start school. We will have the opportunity to introduce ourselves and the girls to their new teacher and see who is in their class for the upcoming year. We haven’t had this yet but we will the first week of September right before they start the following Tuesday.

Learning Tasks
We have been working on their alphabet and numbers. We are trying to get the girls to identify the letters and numbers when they see them. This is just for fun and to get their minds back in the learning mode before school starts. I am certainly not pushing the letters and numbers at them all day. I simply make a game out of it or sing songs with them. It’s just fun that allows the learning to be there as well.

Small Tasks To Do
I do have a small few things I will have to do to get ready for their school year. I have to set aside clothes for accidents and make sure that their names are in those clothes. To put their names in the clothes (and jackets in the fall) I use iron on name tags. The name tags say both girls names because they share clothes. Another task I need to do…order some more big girl cups. Last year we used sippy cups but the girls have grown out of those cups and are more interested in straw cups or the new water bottles. At least in ordering these, they will be used for multiple years. Last year I ordered stick on labels that were supposed to be dishwasher safe for all their cups and lunch supplies. I found that they were not as stick on as I had hoped and found myself replacing them frequently. I found out half way through the year that some companies make rubber band rings that have the child’s name on them that will slip on to the cup. So I need to order a few of those for each girl to have on their new cups.

Essential Oils
This one seems a little random for getting ready for school but I have found some must-haves that I will need for this school year. Young Living has an oil that is fantastic for helping with immune systems and de-germing your body. It’s called Thieves. This oil not only comes in a regular oil bottle but it also has some sprays and cleaning products for your home. In preparation for returning to school and returning to those horrible germs that come from schools, I will be stocking up on the Thieves oil, sprays, and cleaning products. After last year’s horrible illness with Brooke, I want to be pro-active and prepare my house. There is no guarantee with any of these oils that they won’t get sick, but if it may help, then it’s worth trying to me. (You can ready about Brooke’s horrible illness here at Love My Life With Twins: A Mother’s Nightmare).

I hope everyone has a wonderful school year!

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I’m sorry to anyone who is coming by here to read the blog and finding several unexpected changes. I was working on my blog last night and accidently cleared out the template and all of the information saved.

So this morning I am restarting the blog and giving it a fresh new look. Apologies for the horrible appearance and constant changes. It should be look normal again soon.

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Light The Fire Promotion: Young Living Essential Oils

Extended through August 31!
New members get a $10 discount for Premium Starter Kits from now until August 31, 2015. Please note that this offer does not include Aria or NingXia Red versions of the Premium Starter Kits.
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When signing up under my name, you automatically become part of a Facebook Young Living support group. So many people are there to help you learn about your oils and provide opportunities to learn more about Young Living.
*Promotion runs from 12 a.m., MT, July 13, through 11:59 p.m., MT, August 31.

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Pregnancy: Essential Oils

Essential Oils Safe for Pregnancy from Young Living

I have to admit I am hooked on essential oils now. I love the naturalness of the oils and how they help you without turning to medications. But now that I am pregnant, finding essential oils that help me during pregnancy is something that has been on my mind. I’m sure this is the same for other moms as well. To find resources I turned to searching google, pinterest, and my facebook resource group with Young Living. I have found these oils that are safe during pregnancy and beneficial when needed.

·       Morning Sickness:
o   Peppermint Oil
§  Rub a few drops onto your stomach
§  Inhale
§  A few drops onto your tongue
o   Lemon oil
§  A few drops in a glass of water
o   Thieves
§  2-4 drops on the bottom of your feet
o   Grapefruit Oil
§  Inhale
·       Headaches
o   Lavender Oil
§  Rub on head, temples, and back of neck
§  Inhale
o   Peppermint Oil
§  Rub on head, temples, and back of neck
§  Inhale
§  Rub on your thumb, press in the roof of your mouth as far back as possible for 15-20 seconds
·       Hypertension
o   Lavender Oil
§  Inhale
§  A few drops on your tongue
·       Heartburn
o   Peppermint Oil
§  1 drop in a glass of water
§  A drop under your tongue
§  Mix 1 drop with 2 drops of lemon oil and a carrier oil, apply on breastbone
·       Swelling/Edema
o   Lemon & Lavender Oil
§  1 drop of Lemon with 4 drops of Lavender on the tongue
§  Use carrier oil on the feet, ankles, and legs, massage towards the heart
·       Stretch Marks
o   Gentle Baby
§  1-2 drops with carrier oil applied on abdomen
o   Tender Tush
§  Apply 2-3 times a day and after delivery. Can be applied with Gentle baby after a shower.
·       Itchy Skin
o   Rose Oil and Peppermint Oil
§  1 drop rose oil, 1 drop of peppermint oil, and mix with ½ tsp of sea salt in bath water
o   Lavender Oil
§  1 drop of oil with carrier oil, rub on affected area
·       Fatigue
o   En-R-Gee
§  1 drop on each ribs side and back
§  1 drop on feet
o   Peppermint Oil
§  1 drop on the back and on ribs
§  1 drop on feet
o   Lemon Oil
§  1-2 drops in a glass of water
o   Grapefruit Oil
§  1-2 drops in a glass of water
·       Sleeplessness
o   Peace and Calming
§  Apply on feet at nap or bedtime
§  Diffuse 30 minutes before bed
o   Lavender Oil
§  Apply on feet at nap or bedtime
§  A drop on your pillow
§  Place a couple of drops in a bath water
§  Diffuse 30 minutes before bed
§  Make a spray bottle with water and lavender oil and spray on sheets and pillows
o   Valor
§  Apply on feet
·       Emotional Support
o   Peace and Calming
§  Promotes a peaceful rest
o   Stress Away
§  For mental rigidity
§  Restores equilibrium
o   Valor
§  Promotes strength, courage, and self esteem
·       Hemorrhoids Concoction
o   1 drop of Peppermint oil
o   2 drops of Helichrysum
o   2 drops of Geranium
o   2 drops of Cypress  
§  Mix with carrier oil and apply

You can order any of these oils and more from me. You can also sign up to save 24% on your own orders.

Stephanie Hale # 3019216

Disclaimer: Information listed above is only for educational purposes and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness. 

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Bible Study Lesson 11: Friends

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This week’s lesson is about Friendship. The story for this week is The Man Who Didn’t Have Any Friends. Discuss with your child the different friends that they have. Children will love talking about their friends and all the things they like to do with their friends. You can download this week’s lesson here Lesson 11: Friends.

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