Gluten Free Pizza Dough

Since we are trying to cut back on the amount of gluten we are eating in our diet, I decided to attempt an easy pizza dough recipe substituting all purpose flour for gluten free all purpose flour. This is my recipe and how it turned out.

Gluten Free Pizza Dough

2 1/4 cups gluten free all purpose flour
1 tbsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 cup butter (room temperature)
1 cup milk

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl. You can use a dough hook on a mixer if you have one. I just used a spoon and my hand. You will need extra flour for giving the dough that dry thickness it needs for rolling into a pizza pan. The dough was really sticky in the bowl so I used extra flour to get the texture I wanted. Flatten the dough into a pizza pan at the desired thickness.

Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes in a pizza pan. Then I removed the pizza to place the sauce and toppings on it. The oven was preheating to 450 degrees while I added the sauce and toppings. Once the oven was at 450 degrees, I baked the pizza for 10 more minutes.

The original recipe was found at House of Yummy. Like I said above, I substituted the regular flour for gluten free.

**The recipe called for a bake time with toppings already on for 10-15 minutes at 450 degrees. Well I have baked a few things gluten free before and know that gluten free typically takes a little longer so I baked the dough for 15 minutes at 350 degrees before putting the toppings on it. I wanted to give the dough some time to cook and not have the toppings burn while waiting on the dough. If you want to try to throw everything on to before baking at 450 for 10-15 minutes, you certainly can. Please comment on here and let me know how it turns out.

The pizza was a success. I did put too much flour out of fear of it being too doughy. The girls loved the pizza. It tasted like a regular thin crust pizza. I did notice that the dough cracked while baking. I wonder if it was because of too much dough. I will comment with results the next time I make it.

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Gluten Free

After reading a few articles and how gluten is being put into a lot of food sources. We started looking at gluten as to whether or not it’s good for you. As many of you know, there are tons of people switching to gluten free for good reason. It’s really bad for you and is being linked to many illnesses. So we have decided to start transitioning to more gluten free meals. I don’t know if we will go completely gluten free because it is in so many things but we do want to cut back on the gluten that we can control.

I have tried a few things in gluten free. Some were a success and others were not. I have baked gluten free brownies, cupcakes, pancakes, waffles, and even made chicken fried steak with gluten free flour. It takes some getting used to because it seems a little more airy to me. Well today we decided to try making something from complete scratch. I made gluten free pizza dough. It came out with a texture just like pizza dough. I haven’t tried it yet but I am very excited that it came together. I will be posting the recipe as well in another post for those interested in trying it.

Make sure you look for Gluten Free Pizza Dough as well as other gluten free recipes we will be trying.

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Change Ahead: Preparing The Girls For The New Baby

Something I never gave much thought to when having another baby was the changes that would come. I knew it would be different but I had no idea what that difference would be like. The first few changes had to do with me. I immediately became ill which made me not very playful or energetic. That was difficult for the girls because I did not play with them the way I used to. It took some adjusting and some time where I would make myself feel up to playing. Thankfully, Joel was around in the evenings and could play. I was really glad when the morning sickness ended around 13 weeks. Which allowed me to feel like myself again. To tell you the truth, I hardly feel pregnant other than clothes getting tighter and needing to snack a little more. I am starting to feel the pressure of the changes that are coming and that need to be done around our house. Now that we know that we are having a boy, we are in full transition mode with means that there are a few changes headed the girls way.

 Big Girls Room
The first big change is that they are moving rooms. We are currently in the process of breaking down the guest room and making room for the girls. Joel is building their twin “big girl” beds and will be putting them in the room soon. Once we get their beds together and mattresses delivered, we will decorate their room and let them move in. It seems early as the baby isn’t due until January but I am afraid the girls will have a problem with adjusting. I know that they will be jealous and struggle with the new baby but I do not want them to feel like the baby took their toys, their mommy, and their room. So the first thing I wanted was them to feel at home in their new big girl room.

Their New Beds
We decided to build their beds ourselves rather than buy beds. First of all, most beds are now made of particle board or manufactured wood. Joel and I agreed that we wanted a solid wood bed for them. The beds we did find that were made from solid wood were very expensive. I’m not trying to sound like we are cheap but when you are buying two of something, $500-1,000 each bed is expensive. Which is why we decided to find a twin bed frame on We used her plan for the Farmhouse Twin bed, which you can find here I have always loved what she creates and shares with people on her website. It is a wonderful DIY website. We did modify the headboard slightly. The headboard seemed really tall for the girls so we cut 2 inches off the bottom lowering it just a little. We painted the beds white.

Each girl picked out their own bedding. I asked them what colors they wanted in their room and the colors were pink for Bailey and purple for Brooke, no surprise there. So I had to find bedding that was both pink and purple. Which isn’t that hard to find, but most of them were not themes I liked or were more expensive than I had planned to spend for all new bedding. I was becomming a little discouraged until I was at Target one day and found some bedding in their little girls section. They had three choices, one that was white with pink and purple ruffles, a solid pink and a solid purple. Joel and I both liked the white one with the pink and purple ruffles. The girls did not agree. They wanted a solid color that made their beds different. So we went with the solid pink and solid purple quilts. Their sheets did not match either. Bailey wanted pink sheets and horse sheets. Brooke wanted purple sheets and butterflies. So now their room went from being pink and purple to horse and butterflies. I had no idea how I was going to tie their rooms in, and still are having trouble with it. My best thought is to use some wall decals to bring a feminine outdoors feel to the room. I found some tree wall decals that had flowers and butterflies. Then I found a few horse decals that have pink and purple blankets on the horses. I figured I could create some kind of mural on their walls that would tie the themes together. It seems a little silly but that’s the best I could come up with. I’m anxious to see how it will turn out.

I have already started pulling back in their baby toys and placing a spot for them in the playroom for the new baby. The girls helped me go through the toys and put them in canvas tubs just for him. We had a big discussion about how they had outgrown these toys and so they were perfect for the new baby. I did tell them that they could play with them but that they needed to put them back in the baby bins when they were done. I want them to feel like they are still allowed to play with the toys but remind them that they have bigger toys that are just for them that the baby cannot play with. We have already started working on cleaning up and making sure our toys get put up. I am trying to teach them now that they have to pick them up before the baby is here and could potentially get ahold of toys. Some of their toys will go in their room if they are small pieces or something so that he cannot get ahold of any.

As I have already said, the playroom has baby toys making a reappearance. But the playroom has had and will have some bigger changes. In order to get ready for the new baby and needing more storage, Joel and I built a wall bookcase to match the one in the living room. It is perfect for storing toys and supplies. It gives a lot more floor space to play. Right now we have a single recliner in the room for one adult to sit while the girls play but we will be purchasing a sleeper sofa for in here. Our playroom will double as the guest room when guests come to visit. Plus it will give more seating in the playroom so that people can sit on the couch instead of the floor. The girls will also enjoy the couch as they like to sit with us in the chair but space is limited.

Once the girls move to their big girl room we will repaint the nursery. Since this one is a boy the light lavendar color that is currently the girls room/nursery will not work. We will paint the room a light gray to tie into the colors for his room. The girls cribs are transitional or lifetime cribs so they have been their only beds until they move to twin beds. The next size in the lifetime bed is a full size bed and we are not ready to move them to a full. So, they get new twin beds for now and the baby will use their crib/toddler bed. We will be updating the mattress for his bed because crib mattresses do not last that long and these are both 3 years old already.

I’m really excited to start decorating their new room and preparing the baby room. Unfortunately, Joel is the only one able to do the painting so it all falls on him at night and the weekends. I can do the rest once he is done painting. I’ll post pictures as the progress continues.

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Young Living Essential Oils

I recently became a Young Living Essential Oils distributor. So I have added an information page at the top of my blog. You can find out information regarding essential oils and how to become a member on the page. Periodically I will include posts on the benefits of essential oils.

Check out the new tab at the top of this blog or come by my private page to get more information at

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Bible Study Lesson 9: You are Special

This week’s lesson is how You are Special. The story of the week is about The Good Shepherd David. This week discuss how important your child(ren) is/are. It is important for them to know how they are special. You can download this lesson at Lesson 9: You Are Special.

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Gender Reveal

So I have a little confession to make. On July 1 I had blood work done to check for any genetic issues that the baby could have, such as down syndrome and cystic fibrosis. This test also looks at the double x or double y issues that can happen with the chromosomes. When the test scans the sex chromosomes they are able to find out if the baby is a male or female. So on July 13, my doctor called me with these results and let me know what the baby’s sex was.  document.write(unescape(“%3Ca%20href%3D%22 http%3A// src%3D%22”));

Since this was a fun way to find out before anyone suspected, my gender ultrasound is not scheduled until the end of August at 20 weeks; I wanted to do something special to tell our immediate family. The first thing I found was a care package idea on pinterest. I loved this idea. So I decorated three shipping boxes, one for each set of grandparents, with pink and blue tissue paper and gender reveal stickers for each color. The whole box was designed to be a mystery on the sex and make this a little more fun. 
The next thing I did was buy gender party candy in pink and blue. I had two hershey bars in each box, one had pink letters and the other had blue for he and she. Then I included cake pops. The cake pops were the real clue of this baby’s gender. The cake color was the color representing the gender. I dipped the cake pop in white chocolate to hide the color and let the first bite be a surprise. 
To add additional clues, I included a riddle, and some pictures from our gender reveal photo shoot that we did when we did the girls birthday pictures. The first pictures the grandparents saw were black and white so they couldn’t see the color. At the end of the box was a card revealing the gender, the name, and a few pictures in color showing what the baby is. Here are some photos from this box and photo shoot. 

That’s right! It’s a boy! We are very excited to say that all of his tests came back negative and that it showed that baby #3 is a boy! I was quite surprised with my emotions when I found out the gender. When the nurse told me it was a boy, I started crying. Not tears of sadness but tears of joy. For one, I knew how much my husband wanted to have a son someday, so I knew this would be special to him. And it’s special because we have two girls and now we get to experience a boy. It’s something new that we get to experience together and it made me very excited. 

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Bible Study Lesson 8: Forgiveness

Forgiveness…such a powerful thought. This week’s lesson is about forgiveness. The story featured for this week is The Forgiving Prince. This activity for the week shows children where forgiveness comes from, the heart. You can download this week’s lesson here Lesson 8: Forgiveness.


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Baby # 3: Old Wives Tales on Gender

Old Wives Tales

I had a second OB appointment this morning. I will be 14 weeks tomorrow and officially in my 2nd trimester…YAY! The first trimester on this baby has been a lot harder than it was with the girls. I am not sure if it is because of the morning sickness or the fact that I am chasing two almost 3 year olds this time around. But whichever it is, I have certainly felt this pregnancy and the wearingness on my body. I am very relieved to be entering the second trimester!  document.write(unescape(“%3Ca%20href%3D%22 http%3A// src%3D%22”));

At my appointment this morning, the doctor scheduled my 20 week sonogram which potentially will tell the sex of the baby, if he/she cooperates. After leaving my appointment, I read an acquaintances post on facebook about her third baby. They have one boy and one girl so this one they are not finding out until birth. It got me thinking, how do people stay calm and not find out what they are having? I have to say, those people have a lot more strength and restraint than I do because I certainly cannot wait 9 months to find out what we are having. I think it’s simply the need to know feeling that I get. I need to know what is going on in my body and what to plan for. Which is why we will be finding out the gender ahead of time. If you were able to hold out and have that special moment at birth, then you are a stronger person that I am. 🙂
When thinking about gender, I have looked at these old wives tales to see what they say we might be having.
Did you have morning sickness?  Yes or No
Baby’s Heartrate below 140 or above 140
Does your skin feel: dry or soft?
Which side do you sleep on left or right ?
Have you been clumsy or graceful ?
Are you craving salty or sweet ?    ***I’m neither!
Have you been moody or pleasant ?
Has Daddy maintained or gained weight ?  **Actually lost weight
Chinese calendar says Boy
Baby is popping out in front or back and sides ?
Based on these old wives tales, it’s more of boy than girl. But I am curious as to what others think. If you had to guess, a real guess not what you hope for, tell me what you think this baby might be. Leave a comment with your guess. 
Joel and I really do not care either way what the baby is, as long as it is healthy. The rest is just a little anatomy. 🙂

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Bible Study Lesson 7: Helping Others

This week’s lesson is about Helping Others. The story for the week is about John the Baptist. This lesson is very important because there are so many ways that children can help others. Part of the discussion this week is discussing ways to help others. For older children, a community service project might be a wonderful way to show how we can help others. You can download this week’s lesson here Lesson 7: Helping Others.


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Bible Study Lesson 6: Jesus Our Savior

The important lesson this week discusses Jesus Our Savior.This is another story about the birth of Jesus Our Savior.  This lesson includes a fun activity and and discussion together about the story. You can download this week’s lesson here Lesson 6: Jesus Our Savior.

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