Halloween 2014

Celebrating Halloween this year was a real joy. I have always loved dressing up for Halloween but this year was extra special. Brooke was alive and at home with us for Halloween. No greater joy after what we had been through.

The Costumes

This year we didn’t want to spend a ton of money on Halloween costumes. So I tried to find a good solution. After a lot of searching on the web and talking to the girls, we decided that Bailey would be a bumble bee and Brooke would be a lady bug. There were tons of lady bug and bumble bee costumes out there but not many that were in our price range. Most were averaging $35-40 each.

I am a big fan of Amazon shopping. So I looked on Amazon a lot when searching for the costumes. In late September, after several weeks of searching, I found the perfect costumes. A small company that sells through Amazon, I do not remember the name, had dress up costumes. Each costume set came with wings, a tutu, and an antenna headband. They were around $13 each. This was a fantastic find! What was even better about the costumes, was that the size range was 1T-4T. This meant that the costume was not strictly for Halloween this year, but could be used for dress up play for future years.

To complete the costumes I went to Target and purchased two long sleeve black shirts. I also bought black tights. I later purchased yellow and black striped tights for the bumble bee costume at our local party store.

Bailey the Bumble Bee

Brooke the Lady Bug
The Halloween Parade and Party
Thursday, October 30, the girls wore their costumes to school for a parade and trick or treating. Each class walked in a parade showing off their costumes. Parents came to watch as their children walked in the parade. 
The girls loved wearing their costumes to school. After the parade, the children went trick or treating to all of the church offices at their school. Then they had a Halloween activity booths for the students to interact with before returning to class. That afternoon they had their first school party. They read a Halloween story, completed a craft, and had Halloween cookies for a snack. 
Trick or Treating
On Friday, Halloween, Joel left to go hunting at our family lease. My  mom was in town so we took the girls trick or treating. We decided to go with my cousin in her neighborhood because our neighborhood doesn’t do much for trick or treaters. 
I have NEVER experienced any thing like Trick or treating on L Street. Evidently, this is THE PLACE to go trick or treating in Midland. There was approximately 300-400 people, not an exaggeration, on a small section of this street. People were standing in line to get candy, lines that had 30-40 people waiting. It was so strange for us. I had our pumpkin wagon with us but the girls wanted to walk. (see october 2013 blog for pumpkin wagon). My mom and I held their hands so tight praying we didn’t lose them. It was terrifying to me. 
We lasted an hour and six houses before we called it a night and headed home. Next year we will try something a little different because this was a bit too much. 

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