Now Walking Pneumonia…

This week has not started out like we wanted. Brooke started coughing and had a runny nose again. We just finished the antibiotic last Thursday from the last illness, a sinus infection. This has been going on since she had RSV in March. About every two weeks we are taking her to the doctor with some kind of coughing illness. So off to the doctor we went again yesterday afternoon.

We sat in the waiting room for an hour before we were called back. I was very thankful Joel could take Bailey because I was having a hard enough time keeping one toddler calm and entertained. We went to a room right after they weighed Brooke. She is 25 1/2 lbs now. BIG GIRL!! In the room Brooke calmed down because she could move around, which I do not allow in the waiting room.

The doctor came in pretty quickly. He put on Mickey Mouse for Brooke to watch while he examined her. I have never seen a doctor do that but it certainly made things easier.

After his exam he told us he thought she had Walking Pneumonia. We had to get a chest x-ray to confirm but he was pretty sure that’s what it was. So Brooke and I went to the hospital to get the x-ray.

I am so glad that the doctor put stat because she was the first on the list. I know everyone hates waiting but waiting with a toddler is horrible. We went back as soon as we finished registration. The radiologist warned me about this machine before we started. Even warnings did not prepare me for this. She had to be in her diaper only. They put her on this table-like top with a hole in the center and a bicycle seat. Her legs went through the hole and she sat on the bicycle seat. They raised her arms above her head and closed two clear doors around her which kept her from moving.

Brooke instantly started screaming and I felt completely helpless. All I wanted was for the x-rays to be taken and for me to hold her. They took one image and I could see it on the screen. Her right lung was majority white and her left was black. I know from my own x-ray experiences that black means oxygen and white is not good. So I knew that she had the pneumonia. I wanted to cry right then but I couldn’t. She needed mommy so I had to keep it together. 
This is an example from Brooke was not this calm. 
I tried to get her dressed as fast as I could so we could get out of there. Of courses when you are in a hurry nothing goes fast enough. We finally got out of there and I held her tight all the way to the car. She calmed down as soon as we left the room but I was still upset. All I kept thinking about was getting her home. 
As I drove home I started to think about my 20 month old having pneumonia. I was completely thrown off because the girls stay home with me. We do not attend play groups often and are rarely in public. So how did my baby get walking pneumonia?
When I got home Joel and I did some searching on the internet. We decided that it had to be because of the RSV. She had RSV two months ago!!! So then we began to panic a bit. Did she still have RSV and us not know it? Did RSV weaken her immune system so much that she caught this? Has she had pneumonia for a few months now and the doctors missed it? Now that we have had time to think about it, we believe that her immune system was still weak and that she caught another virus which led to this. Of course we probably will never know why she has it. We return tomorrow to the doctor for a follow up.  I hate when my babies are sick but having a horrible illness like pneumonia or RSV is really tough to deal with. You feel completely helpless when it comes to helping them feel better. I am praying that this goes away soon.

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Another idea I had was to spell out the word play with canvas and vinyl. I had Joel build me 8×10 frames out of 1×2 boards. Joel cut the wood then used his nail gun to nail it together. 

Then we used fabric to stretch as a canvas and stapled it around the frame. I used my Cricut cutting machine to cut out play with vinyl. 

I chose grey and white chevron fabric and hot pink vinyl. I think it turned out really cute. I did not glue the vinyl letters down because I wanted to be able to change it if we had a little boy in the future. You could use modge podge to glue them down. Be careful with modge podge on fabric. Make sure it will dry clear on fabric because some glues make a wet ring on fabric. I am sure other fabric glues would work as well. 

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Alphabet Wall

I created an alphabet wall from mpf wood letters from Hobby Lobby and scrapbook paper. 

To make the letters I first traced or sketched a large version of the letter on the scrapbook paper. This allowed an overlap that I could fold over onto the back of the letter. Then I cut it out and glued the paper to the front of the letter. 

Once the paper dried I cut little tabs all around the edges so that I could easily fold the paper around the letter and glue it down. This gave the letter a finished look. Once I had finished the gluing, I used paper modge podge to seal the paper to the wood. When that dried I used liquid nail to adhere picture hanging mounts to the back of the letter.

Here is what the wall looks like. 

I miss judged the width of my wall and the size of my letters so we have a slight overlap. OOPS! I really like how it turned out despite the wrong size. 

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Lazy Eye and Glasses

In February Brooke’s right eye started turning inward. We watched it for about a month as it was only doing it a few times. After that it was happening daily. So I called our eye doctor to set up an appointment.

We had our first appointment at the beginning of April. He told us that she was farsighted and had a lazy eye. So we fitted her for glasses. Her glasses came in at the end of April. They seemed to be really strong so I called the doctor to check. He told me they were right. So now our sweet Brooke wears glasses.

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