Sweet Brooke

We have had numerous doctor appointments this past month with Brooke. At the beginning of March she came down with something that seemed like a cold. Her symptoms started on a Friday morning. I started the saline spray and the nasal suction to clear out her nose. She was really fussy and was up all night crying. At around midnight I checked her temperature and found out she was running a fever of 100.3. I gave her Tylenol and turned on the humidifier and hoped that she would rest. She was coughing and crying all night. This continued on the rest of the weekend. We called the doctor first thing Monday morning and got her in for the first appointment of the day. After the doctor tested her for the flu and RSV we found out that she did have RSV. They put her on a breathing treatment to help the coughing and clear her lungs. We had to come back in every three days to have them check her. She was sick for almost three weeks. Finally they gave us a clear result with no more RSV.

The entire time we were scared for Brooke worrying because they were premature. We were also really scared that Bailey would get it too. We cleaned and disinfected the house every single day trying to keep the germs from spreading. We tried to keep them from drinking and eating after each other, which is almost impossible at this age. Even though Brooke had it for three weeks, she never passed it to Bailey. That was a relief. 
During this same time we had started noticing that Brooke had a lazy eye. Her right eye was struggling to focus throughout the day. So we scheduled an appointment with an eye doctor to see what could be done. After a three hour appointment and her having her eyes dilated, we found out that she does have a lazy eye and is far sighted. She has to have glasses to help correct her vision. We are hoping that she will grow out of the far-sighted issues as well as the lazy eye condition. He told us that it was really good that we came in early because it allows years to correct the eye instead of other children that come in at 5 or 6 years old. We hate that she has to wear glasses at such a young age but it is better than what his other suggestion would be. He mentioned that if glasses couldn’t correct it that she would have surgery on the muscles and move them into the correct place. That thought is terrifying to us! We will stick with the glasses.

We should get her glasses this week sometime. I am hoping that she does well with them. I am a little nervous that she will break them or refuse to wear them. We have been practicing by wearing her sunglasses. I hope it works. I will post more later to update what happens. 

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