Now that they are 1…

When the girls turned one I had a hard time keeping them entertained. They did not want to play alone with their toys. They always wanted me to be right there with them. As much as I wanted to just sit around and play with my girls it’s not always possible with house work, school, and anything else that needs to be done around the house.

I wanted the girls to be independent and to have things to help them learn. So I turned to my usual resources of mom books, blogs, and pinterest for help. I found some great activities to play and do with the girls. But it was still really hard to do those activities with a 13 month old. It got to be really frustrating that nothing was appropriate for the girls age.

As the girls got older those ideas started to work with the girls. Around 18 months old they started playing alone. Bailey plays fine alone as along as I am within ear shot. Brooke still prefers me to be in the room but she will play alone around me.

We spend a lot more time playing outside. The girls really like playing in the backyard. It is really hard to keep them on the back patio though. They like running around the yard and pick up any thing they can to put in their mouth. Being outside is not relaxing for me. I feel so stressed the whole time that we are outside because I am afraid of them eating something or choking on something they put in their mouth. My husband and I have talked about building a small gate around the patio to allow a safe place for the girls to play. I am starting to think that now is the time to do it.

I kept telling myself things will get better once they become more independent. Now that they are I am finding that this is just as stressful but a different type. I am really hoping that over the next few months things will get better.

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Ear Infections, Plus Tubes

Bailey started having ear infections after her first birthday. They started out once a month. Then it quickly turned to an entire month of ear infections. She was in so much pain. We had our first visit to the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor (ENT) February 1st. He immediately scheduled her for surgery to get tubes February 14th.

We had to take Bailey for a chest xray a few days before as a pre-op procedure. She was cleared for surgery that Friday.

On Friday we had to be at the hospital at 6 am because she was his first patient. Her surgery was scheduled at 6:45 am. After we checked in and got Bailey into a hospital gown they wheeled us down to the patient area. Since the hospital surgical wing is smaller the pre-op and recovery area is in the same large room.

There were several other babies waiting with their parents to go into surgery. They had different doctors though. The surgery was supposed to be quick. We watched as the other patients left and came back within ten minutes time. Several of the other doctors patients had gone and come back before they came for Bailey.

When they came for her she immediately started crying. I felt like crying too. We were sent to a waiting room and had enough time to check our phones when they came to tell us she was done. They requested that I go to the recovery area to get her.

She was just waking up when I went in. So they gave her to me so that she could wake up in my arms. As soon as she came to she saw I was there then laid her head on my chest and fell asleep holding me tight.

Even though her surgery was short I still had anxiety about her going under anesthesia. So holding her that soon after made my fears go away.

Five minutes after I had her with me, they wheeled us upstairs to a room to wait for discharge. We were only at the hospital 3 hours before coming back home.

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Screaming Fits

I hate to admit it but I have a screamer child. Every single I heard a child scream in the past I would cringe and pray that that would never be me. Well, I guess that back-fired on me because I do have a screamer. Luckily at this stage she is not screaming in public but she does scream at home often. Brooke is my little screamer. We have an issue with night terrors and hear screaming throughout the night. Most of the time she sleeps through it so it’s really not a big deal anymore.

Now she screams throughout the day for any reason that seems like a good one to scream about. If she falls she screams. If she is hungry she screams. If I am not holding her and she wants to be held she screams. It’s not just a scream out at you, it’s a whiny and quite annoying scream. There are no tears, just loud shrieking screams. It has become quite horrible getting out of bed in the morning because it starts as soon as her feet hit the floor. If we do not have breakfast on the table she is screaming at us. So that causes me to rush around to make sure everything is ready in preparation for her. If everything is ready then she is usually okay until lunch time. Then she gets sleepy and very whiny which is another reason for screams.

The worst part of the day is the evening, always starting at five pm. She starts her screaming every day at five pm and I have no idea why. She already had snack and doesn’t need to eat. I guess she feels like she needs to be with me or something. I really have no idea why we are going through this right now. I have researched so much and have found nothing that helps. All I have seen is that they scream because there is a lot of screaming around them. Well I stay home with them and we don’t scream in our house so that is not the case. I have also heard that they are just learning about their voice tones. She went through that stage when she was six or so months old. The best thing I have been able to find is to predict the screaming fit coming on and make sure that I alter things to make sure she is happy.

In a perfect world this would be successful every day but it’s not. The fact of the matter is that I have another child that also needs my time. If anyone has any additional thoughts, please let me know. I am open to hear anything that could help us through this horrible stage.

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