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I am the type of person that will research things I want to know for my kids. I will use every source that I can find to help me be a better mother to my daughters. Of course, my first go to is my mother, step-mother, and mother-n-law. Along with them are in other mothers I know in my family. I believe that the best advice you can get as a new mother is from a mother with experience.

In both my husband and my family, twins are somewhat common. My husbands parents are both twins and my great grandmother and great great grandmother had twins. I think there were even more before them. So, we knew that twins were going to be a possibility. The only problem that we ran into was finding out how to take care of and raise twins. Although our family is blessed with twins, no one that is currently living knew what it was like to raise them. So we took the best advice we could from family and had to reach out to others for advice. Luckily for me, one of my closest coworkers was a mother of triplets. She helped me out through my pregnancy and for the first few months. Unfortunately, we moved shortly after the girls were born and I was not able to stay in contact with her.

So then I began my search online and on the internet. During my pregnancy I purchased the book, “When You’re Expecting.” They had a small section on twins and multiples which helped a little but it did not go into in-depth details which is what I needed. But I did read the book and felt that it had good information. So after the girls were born I purchased the first year and second year versions of this book. I figured it could help me with each month of my girls development and guide me along what they should be learning and doing.

Another great book was told to me when I was pregnant (I know I am jumping back and I am sorry). That was “Babywise.” I had been told to let the baby lead their own schedule but with twins or any multiples that could be a nightmare. So I tried babywise and it really worked for my girls. I was able to put them on a schedule and change that schedule as we went. They had a very strict schedule at first and now we are a little more laid back. I would definitely recommend reading “Babywise” to any mother interested in trying to get their baby on a schedule. At first it was tough but by three months old, both girls had their final feeding at 11 pm and did not wake again until 7 am. So I was able to get them sleeping 8 hours at three months old. That was worth it to me.

The babywise system helped me until the girls were a year old. I am currently reading pre-toddlerwise to learn about the transitions that occur during this time period. If you have any suggestions about other books for babies or toddlers please comment them. I am open to reading anything to help us through these stages.


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