First Birthday

Planning the girls first birthday party was quite a challenge. When looking for themes and invitations we struggled to find something for twins. If we found party supplies or decorations for twins it was usually for boy/girl twins. Invitations were even harder to find for twins. Thankfully with the help of etsy we found a person who could take their pictures and create one invitation for them. It turned out great. We had a picture from their newborn photos and included an updated photo of each them.

We chose to go with a cupcake theme and served cupcakes at their party. After we moved, my husband bought me a cricut expression cutting machine so I was able to design and create some of their decorations. My favorite was their monthly picture banner. Everything was decorated in pink and teal or cupcakes. The girls loved all of the decorations, especially the balloons. 
We had our immediate family over to celebrate their special day. The girls had their first taste of cake on their birthday. We ordered each of them their own smash cake. Bailey dug right in and smashed the cake to pieces. Her cake was all over her. Brooke, on the other hand, was not as excited about cake. She cried when we sang happy birthday and did not like everyone watching her eat cake. The cake was every where which made me really glad we had that part of the party outside. The girls were immediately put into the baby pool where they could rinse off and play with their cousin. 
Trying to set up for the party and open presents with the two of them was most certainly a challenge. We set up the party around the girls nap time so that they would enjoy their party. We had to wait to decorate until they had gone to sleep. Trying to get them to sleep was not an easy task with a house full of family members. But once we did, the decorations went up and food was prepped. When they woke up they saw their party decorations and every one there to celebrate. They did not like having to sit and open the presents. They like to pull the paper but wanted to play with everything that came out of the packages. My husband and I had our hands full trying to hold them and unwrap gifts. 
With all the ciaos that occurred that weekend, the girls had a wonderful first birthday party. They got a lot of attention and spent it with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We loved having everyone come into town but it was a relief to have it over for this year. 🙂


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