Another 10 Month Update

The girls are ten months old and a crawling bundle of joy. Brooke started crawling on June 17. She is now pulling herself into sitting positions, pulling up on things, crawling on the harth of the fireplace (her favorite spot). She will crawl to the back door and bang on it to go outside. Basically she is a moving mess. She is into everything and tries to crawl everywhere. She loves to stand and jump and thinks mommy’s lap is a trampoline. Joel had to drop her bed to the lowest level because she wants to pull out to stand. She hasn’t figured it out just yet but we know it’s coming. She is learning how to put one foot in front of the other when we practice walking. She would rather jump then practice walking. She is now 22 pounds and 28 inches long. Brooke learned a new word today. They usually say things like Mama and Dada or Daddy. But today she decided to say Maggie. Except it did not come out as Maggie, it was aggie. I couldn’t help but laugh and had to call to tell her daddy. She was so proud of herself she kept laughing and giggling and calling “aggie” to come to her. 

Bailey is now 21 pounds and 27 1/2 inches long. She began crawling for Daddy last Tuesday. She started crawling for mommy on Thursday. She looks like an inch worm when she crawls and will get up on her knees and rock forward. I think she is still nervous to get up on her knees to move. She HATES crawling on the wood floor and screams if she ends up on it. She is a little less sturdy standing and has not really tried to practice any steps. She does climb on top of things, such as mommy and daddy or toys. She does not pull up to a sitting position just yet but I am sure as soon as I say this she will start. Bailey has learned how to put necklaces on but cannot figure out how to take them off. Her therapist, Mrs. Gena, taught her that. 

Both girls went through a week of refusing to eat baby food and only wanted table food. Luckily we have gone back to eating baby food, but it has to be heated up. They will not eat cold food or drink cold milk. Veggies are still their favorites but they love meat. Especially steak! LOL! They are hilarious to watch eat because the food goes every where and they make a huge mess. We have to be careful with Brooke because she tries to shove everything on her tray into her mouth all at once. Maggie loves feeding time because she somehow manages to get something no matter how hard we try to keep it from happening. 

Brooke is finished with her Doc Band. On June 21 she had her exit appointment. She is having to adjust to no band and constantly bumps her head. Bailey still has a little while. I think she has 5-6 weeks of growth left in this band. At that point we will discuss whether or not we will go with a third band. We still need her ear to shift back but her head seems to be rounding out beautifully. We are hoping that the ear will correct itself over time but we are not sure if it will or not. 


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