10 Months Old

We went to Dallas for the girls appointment last night, the appt was this morning. Brooke took her final DSI pictures to show her progress. Her head is BEAUTIFULLY round. So as of today, no more band for Brooke. It will take some adjustment for her because she has become accustomed to the band protecting her head when she bumps it or falls. We are very excited about her progress. I also want to add that she is now a crawler. Earlier this week she decided to finally start moving. She is not up on all fours crawling but she is army crawling all over the floor. Bailey’s therapist told us that it is easiest for her to move like this because she is a healthy stocky baby. ­čÖé┬á

Bailey had her appointment as well today. She is still making wonderful progress. I am not sure how much she grew this time because her records are at the Ft. Worth office and we were at the Dallas office today. I will be able to find out the exact measurements at her next visit. It appears that she has gone through another growth spurt, two in one month! So hopefully she got some more of the growth we need. She still has a few months to go in this band. She is not officially crawling, but she is wiggling as much as she physically can. Due to the torticollis in her neck, she is having to learn how to move other parts of the body. Her therapist told me that babies that have this issue are usually stiff and struggle with movements such as crawling. She has started pulling herself around the floor but does not have the persistent movement needed for crawling just yet. We are still working on it so I expect that to come soon. 


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