10 Months and on the Move…

Mason turned 10 months old  November 8th. He was not feeling well that day so I didn’t take his pictures right away. He received his booster flu shot that morning and was experiencing some teething pain.

Watch Him Grow

Weight:  23 lbs 6 oz

Height:    29.3 inches

He is wearing 12 month clothes, 18 month pajamas. He is wearing size 3 diapers.

What He Can Do

This is based on the list in What To Expect: The First Years.

Mason has is cruising on all furniture and will stand up from a squatted position on his own. He is able to stand for about 30 seconds and then will sit down. He is able to stand without falling but is unsure of himself when standing so he sits down after a few seconds.

He likes to “walk” by holding your hands and you assisting him. Or he will push his toys around so that he can walk around the room. He is a “big” boy now so he thinks he needs to be moving like his big sisters.

Mason has quit taking baby food. He will not eat purees so this mama has had to get creative. I believe his sisters were the same around this age. He is basically eating the same things we do just in smaller portions. I have not introduced eggs to him yet but he eats meat, fruits, vegetables, etc… I give him toast, muffins, cereal for breakfast. He will have meat and veggies for lunch. Sometimes I give him pasta. Then he has was we eat for dinner.


Mason is continuing to add words to his vocabulary list. This month was the word no. I’m not surprised because he has heard that a lot more lately. (He is into everything). We have also been working on some sign language with him. Mainly just more and finished so that he can communicate what his needs are. He will sometimes sign more. He will raise his hands up to say he is finished, which is also his sign for pick me up. It may not be conventional baby sign language but he is communicating with us.

Babywise Schedule

I loved Babywise with my girls. It helped them so much. But Mason is still not sleeping through the night.

7:00 AM – Get up, change him, get him dressed and feed him  6 oz bottle.

7:30 AM – Change his diaper again and feed him fruit and cereal for breakfast. He likes this time because he has breakfast with his big sisters.

9:00 AM – He finishes his bottle because he doesn’t finish it in the morning. Then goes down for a nap.

11:00 AM – He wakes from his nap and has a  diaper change and has a 6 oz bottle. (He does not finish this bottle either).

11:30 or 12:00 – He has lunch with his sisters. Finger foods.

12:30 PM – He finishes his bottle and goes down for another nap.

2:30ish – He wakes from his nap. We are usually rushing out the door to pick up his sisters by this time so he has to wake up.

3:00 PM – Diaper change and 8 oz bottle and another snack (finger foods) if he is still hungry.

5:30 PM – He has a dinner meal with cereal then has finger foods while we eat at 6.

7:30 PM – He has bath time.

8:00 PM – He has a 7-8 oz bottle and then he is down for bedtime.

Current issue – 1:00 AM wake up cranky. Then away again between 3 and 5 am.

Now for the best part…Pictures! I hope you enjoy his slideshow!

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